Pokémon Beartic/Ursaring Artwork Giveaway!

Check out this awesome artwork from the Battle City art show put on by The Pokémon Podcast!


Well, we’re giving this piece away to one lucky fan! Anyone is eligible to enter! Here’s how you can sign up for the giveaway.

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2. Leave a comment on the video below about what you love about Pokémon the most. (But don’t cheat by commenting more than once; you’ll be disqualified if we catch you!)

That’s it! You have until December 10th to enter. Consider this our thanks to everyone who continues to support us. Happy holidays and good luck!

7 responses to “Pokémon Beartic/Ursaring Artwork Giveaway!”

  1. Wrags23

    This design NEEDS to be on a playmat. End of story. Although it would make me choose between my Pooka-signed The Top Cut playmat and this :)

  2. Alex Yung

    I love Pokemon because it is fun and you get to do a lot of trading with your friends.

  3. Fabien Garnier

    The first thing I ever bought with my money was a Game Boy Color along with Pokémon Red. I was 9 years old.

    Each time my parents gave me money, I just kept it in my piggy bank. I wasn’t sure why I was sparing that money, but I wasn’t the kind of kid that bought candies after school. I just felt like I had to keep the money my parents gave me, because they worked for it.

    I have to admit that I wasn’t really a leader back in elementary school. I was that one lonely kid, sitting right in front of the board, always ready to answer to the teacher’s questions. I just wanted to be like other kids, and to make friends. Most kids were playing what they called “Pokémon”… I had literally no clue what it was all about, but they all looked so happy ! I think that was what drove me into buying Pokémon Red.

    I will always remember that day at the supermarket. It was the very first time I bought something with my money – and it was something expensive. I had 750fr (about 150$) : two thirds for the Game Boy Color, one third for Pokémon Red. I had only coins and small amount bills. The cashier had to count it like 3 times, and other customers started losing patience.

    I saw all the money I gathered since I was born disappearing all of a sudden. I was panicked, and I eventually started crying. “No mom ! I wanted my money back, just go back and trade it back !” So, she told me to try the game, and that if I didn’t like it, we’d go back to the supermarket the day after.

    What I didn’t expect, was to immediately fall in love with the game and spend hours playing Pokémon.

    But what nobody expected, was Pokémon to affect my whole life.

    Pokémon video game helped me open to other people, at school or in my neighborhood. However, a few years later, when I was 15, I decided to get into Pokémon Trading Card Game.

    I didn’t expect much from this in the beginning, but here is a list of my personal benefits :

    – To play PTCG, you have to use your brain. It raised my intellectual skills (calculation, memory, strategy, creativity, anticipation).

    – I met a lot of people, and I have many friends that I know from Pokémon.

    – I opened myself to people, because you can’t play the game without talking.

    – I traveled a lot to participate in tournaments. I discovered many cities in France, and the only time I flew in my entire life was to go to the World Championships.

    – I learnt English by playing Pokémon.

    – I developed my competitive spirit and my spirit of the game, which means that thanks to Pokémon, I always do my best, and I do it in a fair and honest way.

    I think at this point I talked a lot (too much) about myself. But it brings us to the main point of my post. I think Pokémon benefits everyone, so I’d like to talk briefly about some French Pokémon players that I met and that deserve a word :

    – We used to have a player suffering from myopathy. He could barely move one arm, couldn’t talk, while he had his whole mind. He was friendly and talkative on the forums and social networks, and a nice player. But real life was harder than Internet for him. Despite all of this, his family still made its best to bring him to big tournaments, despite how difficult it was.

    – I met a player and his mother. They had a lot of family issues, and life was not being kind at them. The boy withdrew into himself. His mother and him made it to several Pokémon tournaments because it was the only way for the boy to express himself and the only place where he felt confident enough to talk with people.

    – I saw many parents coming to tournaments just to satisfy their children that wanted to play, and realizing how interesting the game is. Thus, they started playing themselves and now they are playing Pokémon as a family.

    Those are just examples of how Pokémon gathers people and helps kids and teenagers forge themselves. DISEASE, LONELINESS, FAMILY ISSUES, WE ARE ALL EQUAL WHEN WE PLAY POKEMON.

    I’m not sure you expected such a long post, neither did I, and I bet most of you won’t read it entirely, which I perfectly understand. I’d like to thanks all my Poké-friends and all th community for being part of this giant Poké-family. You are all Pikamazing !

    NOW, I’d really enjoy to read about your own stories : how you started Pokémon, what it brought to you, what beautiful stories you witnessed. Don’t be shy !


    I love Pokémon because it forged the man I am today, with my values, my strengths and my weaknesses.
    I love Pokémon because it shapes people.
    I love Pokémon because it gathers people.
    I love Pokémon because it make people happier.


  4. Kyle Sucevich

    Just so you guys know, you’re supposed to post your comment on the YouTube video. :)

    1. Fabien Garnier

      Yeah but, I don’t wanna post such a comment with my whole name on something like YouTube. I need to find how I remove my full name (I hate their privacy policy, they kinda force you to use your real name).
      I’d still be happy to read people’s stories here, in those comments !

      1. Mathieu

        A google search for your name reveals hundreds of pokemon results anyway Fabien 😉

      2. Kyle Sucevich

        I believe you can use a “screen name” on YouTube still. All you have to do is make a Google+ account with the name you want. For example, our comments still show up as “The Top Cut.”