Deck Wizard Wednesday #1 – Darkrai/Sableye!

9 responses to “Deck Wizard Wednesday #1 – Darkrai/Sableye!”

  1. deashira

    Bouffalant and Virizion EX!

  2. SheepinSpace

    This is fantastic! I’m laughing so much. Looking forward to other ones! And wizard was good for picking ROCK GUARD! LoL

  3. SheepinSpace

    And I’d like to see Empoleon and Kingdra. The actual match was rather painful, but the first look at the magic deck was priceless. I mean, what’s better than First Ticket and Consume?

  4. SheepinSpace

    Or Ho-Oh-EX and anybody else.

  5. JD1211

    balstoise/keldeo or embaorrayquaza

  6. Giovanni


  7. Thomas

    Suicune PLB and Terrakion NVI or Articuno EX and Garbodor!

  8. Joshua Jacob Prince

    lol wow nice

  9. TRKH

    Sableye and Garbodor or something random like Zapdos NXD and Zoroark DEX