Top 10 Ugliest Pokémon Cards Ever!

3 responses to “Top 10 Ugliest Pokémon Cards Ever!”

  1. Guest

    To be fair, Tomokazu Komiya’s art is intended to be that way – it’s the art style he goes for.

    That said, I’m surprised Majestic Dawn Pachirisu didn’t make it to the list. At least Chansey’s correctly coloured; Pachirisu just gets a horrible sunburn and gets an evil grimace to match.

  2. Hopalong

    Garbodor isn’t that ugly lol But I’m biased since it’s one of my favorite pokemon

  3. Mitz

    im kind of sad to see this list as most of these cards arn’t all that ugly as you make them out to be, especially the squirtle, so just because it has large red eyes and is blowing a bubble it is deemed ugly..

    maybe try slowpoke from Neo Genesis or Dark Slowking from Neo Destiny
    with are pretty frightening to look at

    don;t get me wrong some of the cards you mentioned are fairly bad i just find that you seem to focus on minor things over the artwork as a whole