Deck Wizard Wednesday #5 – Garchomp/Altaria!

4 responses to “Deck Wizard Wednesday #5 – Garchomp/Altaria!”

  1. $@//

    Dusknoir/Darkrai Ex for DWW?

  2. :P

    I know this question may seem a little out of the blue. But I was thinking of a fun deck to make like Mewtwo/Gardevoir. I know currently the rotation is next destinies and onwards but if next destinies gets a rotated out will I still be able to use the gardevoir from next destinies because it has been reprinted in Dark explorers? Please answer it well be well appreciated.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      When rotations are done, usually three or four sets are eliminated at a time. Since Dark Explorers is the set right after Next Destinies, most likely both of them will rotate out next season.

  3. Guest

    How about Virizion/genesect (non ex legendary treasures)