Pokémon TCG Beginner Decks: Rayquaza/Emboar


Pokémon – 18 Trainers – 30 Energy – 12
4 Tepig 4 Professor Juniper 9 Fire Energy
1 Pignite 4 N 3 Lightning Energy
4 Emboar 3 Skyla
3 Rayquaza EX 2 Colress
1 Rayquaza 1 Computer Search
1 Reshiram 4 Ultra Ball
2 Voltorb 4 Rare Candy
2 Electrode 4 Superior Energy Retrieval
2 Switch
1 Energy Search
1 Level Ball

18 responses to “Pokémon TCG Beginner Decks: Rayquaza/Emboar”

  1. James O'Brien

    Add beaches and you have a competitive deck!

    1. Twan

      The deck doesn’t have beaches because it is a beginner deck and beginners usually don’t want to invest $200 for two cards of a game they might not continue to play. That is why he has the 2-2 Electrode line in there.

      1. yonsii

        so you should play another deck like any version of darkrai

  2. Calvin

    You have 8 juniper.

  3. Jeff C

    No tool scrapper for Garbodor??

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Since this is a beginner deck, we’re more concerned with having the deck set up and function properly than countering specific decks. Plus, I would argue that a new player would lose to a Garbodor deck even with two Tool Scrapper, so there’s no point in having it take up space.

      1. Jeff C

        You are probably right there..

  4. Tsukoyumi26

    I hate it when people comment under the beginner videos, asking, ” no of such and such card ?” And when people comment you need to add insert card name here____ to the deck. When it clearly says the deck is for BEGINNERS! Pooka has to reiterate himself 90 times to state it’s for beginners and the deck is aimed for consistency and to excute the deck’s strategy quickly as possible. Hello people stop being silly. Lol

    1. 555

      Lookout! We have a BA here.

      Calm down. Just because people suggest something doesn’t mean they’re in the wrong. One person’s beginners deck might not look exactly like one that someone else comes up with. When people comment, it adds discussion and traffic to these boards, which has to make Kyle happy to see. Yes, the deck is for beginners and is intended to get the deck’s strategy rolling…we get it. Still doesn’t mean someone should have to listen to you e-rant to them why they’re wrong for suggesting a popularly played card (tool scrapper for example) in the deck. Let Kyle be the one to point out why he disagrees if he feels the need to do so in this series.

      1. Tsukoyumi26

        I’ll keep that in mind for the next time I comment. Thanks for letting me know. You’re amazing!

  5. stouty

    Not meant to be critacism at all but it is amusing how it’s a begginers deck and the deck is filled with full arts and secret rare’s XD

  6. Christopher Puig

    You should look up the delphox from xy sets coming out it technically is going to replace beach and it will cost less than beach but might go up in price because its replaces beach i already have made a deck for it.Im waiting for it to come out and ill fix it up i call it delboar.

    1. James

      How is it going to replace Beach? Its an ability and once you use it you are probably going to play your hand down, and its a Stage 2 that takes a turn or two to get set up rather then playing a single trainer card instead of a full stage 2 line. Still think its going to replace Beach?

      1. Brandon Cantu

        if anything it will replace electrode

        1. James

          yea by a lot

      2. FreakyFroslass

        however, witwith h delphox’s blaze ball, it can do 110 damage at the least, and the ability to refresh your hand without ending your turn, the only thing beach has on delphox is not being a stage 2 pokemon or being a pokemon at all, (but a 2-0-2 line would work fine and give use for spare candies.) and being able to take down a another stadium, but this is of course a mixture of fact and my opinion, so you can do whatever you want.

  7. Simon

    Why pick 60hp tepig over 70hp tepig?

    Also, would it be better to pick a 90hp stage 1 just for level ball?

    1. Aaron Tarbell

      60 hp tepig has a 1 retreat cost vs 2 and its a meta game call since it can be K.0’d w perfect numbers from snipe damage. The pignite w/ 90 hp gives you a much greater chance of getting it when you need it due to the level ball, and the advantage of the 100 hp is the artwork and heavy ball searchable. ^.^