1st Place Decks – Pokémon Winter Regional Championships!

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  1. C-Dub

    The most surprising and impressive deck has to be the Ho-oH Genesect Deck, obviously. He thought outside the box on that one. I don’t think that the deck will shift to that kind of style moving forward though.

    And 4 winning decks all with some form of energy acceleration. Is anybody surprised by this? It seems like the game is always in favor of these kinds of decks. Has there been any deck win a big tournament in the past few years that ddin’t have some form of energy acceleration or manipulation? (outside of gothlock at nationals last year, which was just a gimmick strategy that could “reuse” DCEs)

    Nice breakdown of the video. I am really looking forward to XY and the new format where these decks might not be AS dominant.

    1. Luis Zavala

      Virizion/Genesect/Terrakion/Hooh, spoookysect!

    2. Kyle Sucevich

      Big Basics was a very successful deck last season that didn’t have any Energy acceleration. Eventually it needed Garbodor to keep up, though. Normally decks revolve around accelerating Energy or taking away the acceleration from your opponent somehow.

  2. Carl Scheu

    Past 7 nats winning decks have been Absolutions(no energy accel), PLOX(no energy accel) and Luxape(no energy accel), Sablelock(no energy accel), MegaJudge(which outside of pachirisu had no energy accel), Klinklang(which has no energy accel) and Goth/Accelgor(which also had no energy accel). So uhm yes, granted most of these decks manipulated their energy(moved it around or had energy that provided more than 1 energy or had cards that lowered attacks costs, Rayquaza Ex delta being the example)

  3. Cosmo

    Do you think this is a nice deck?


    4x Heatmor ($1.90)

    1x Jirachi EX (Owned)

    1x ACE SPEC Gold Potion (Borrowing)

    2x N (Owned)

    2x Skyla (Owned)

    2x Level Ball ($6.95)

    4x Ether ($1.95)

    3x Super Rod (Owned & Borrowing)

    2x Silver Bangle (Owned)

    2x Escape Rope (Owned)

    36x Fire Energy (Owned & Borrowing)

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Unfortunately, Heatmor isn’t a very good card for competitive play. If you’re just looking to play for fun, go for it. But if you’re trying to play in a tournament, you probably won’t have much success with a strategy like this.

    2. F0NTAINE

      Hey man, Pooka is pretty much right on his analysis. But if you want the deck to be even better, try for this:

      4 Heatmor
      4 Skyla
      4 Ether
      3 Level Ball
      1 Computer Search (or a 4th Level Ball)
      44 Fire Energy

      You don’t need N and you don’t need Jirachi, as if you start with Jirachi at lot of times you’ll never hit the other Heatmors to get them out anyway. Silver Bangle is quite useless as a Fire Energy in the discard will do more than you having it on your Pokemon. Super Rod will never be hit when you need it.

      1. vinog73

        lol 44 energy. throw in some ethers

        1. F0NTAINE
  4. Cosmo

    I was thinking with the new XY cards and I came up with this deck!


    3x Electrode XY

    1x Electrode PLF

    4x Voltorb XY

    2x Victini LDT

    1x Emolga DRX

    3x Professor Juniper

    1x Gold Potion

    3x N

    3x Skyla

    4x Team Flare Grunt

    1x Virbank City Gym

    3x Evosoda

    4x Hypnotoxic Laser

    4x Crushing Hammer

    1x Enhanced Hammer

    4x Ghetsis

    2x Escape Rope

    4x Pokemon Catcher

    1x Super Rod

    2x Level Ball

    10x Lighting Energy

    What do you think?

    1. F0NTAINE

      Hey dude, you might be better off trying to look for advice over at the Pokémon TCG subreddits on reddit.com, PokeGym, or other various dedicated websites to forum discussion. These comments are really suited for discussing the article posted by content creators, and Pooka can’t really look at other peoples’ deck lists and review them or he’d have to make that his new full time job.

      Perhaps you could suggest to him that maybe he can have a weekly or biweekly (once every 2 weeks, not semi-weekly) feature episode where people can send in their deck lists and Pooka can review their strengths, weaknesses, and what cards can make them better without losing its strategy?

      1. Cosmo

        That is a great Idea, how about you suggest that? I’m not a real member.

  5. Jeremy Wu

    Kyle is plasma still a playable deck

  6. Grat

    Bro, my deck rock the bass like a boss! It consists of;

    30 Pokemon:

    X4 Ground-Type Geodude

    X3 Ground-Type Graveler

    X1 Ground-Type Golem

    X1 Ground-Type Basic Golem

    X1 Ground-Type Basic Rypererior

    X2 Ground-Type Basic Aerodactyl

    x1 Ground-Type Terrakion

    X2 Ground-Type Meditite

    X1 Ground-Type Wishcash

    X2 Water-Type Barboach

    X1 Water-Type Lotad (Really good, only have 1 though…)

    X1 Water-Type Lombre

    X3 Water-Type Basculin (1 blue 2 reds) #ridiculous

    X1 Water-Type Relicanth

    X2 Water-Type Staryu

    X1 Colorless-Type Tauros

    X1 Colorless-Type Boufallant (Milktank works too, but I like Boufallant better)

    X2 Colorless-Type Bunnelby

    22 Energies:

    X10 Fighting-Type Energies

    X10 Water-Type Energies

    X1 Cyclone Energy

    X1 SP Energy

    8 Trainers:

    X1 Stadium Broken Time-Space

    X2 Item Potion (New one that heals 30 damage)

    X2 Supporter Tierno

    X1 Item Pokemon Communication

    X1 Item Switch

    X1 Item Energy Search

    and that’s about it, I find it pretty consistent and enjoy using new and old cards in my deck 😀

  7. the_dark_pie927

    For a blastoise/keldeo deck, how many black kyurems would be the best amount to run?

    1. swsws

      3 EX

      1-2 Non EX

      1. the_dark_pie927