Pokémon TCG Deck Breakdown – Dragonite!


Pokémon – 18 Trainers – 32 Energy – 10
3 Dratini 4 Professor Juniper 6 Grass Energy
3 Dragonite 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Trubbish 4 Skyla
2 Garbodor 2 Tropical Beach
2 Solosis 1 Computer Search
1 Reuniclus 4 Ultra Ball
1 Mewtwo EX 4 Rare Candy
1 Virizion EX 2 Level Ball
1 Cresselia EX 2 Silver Mirror
1 Jirachi EX 2 Silver Bangle
1 Mr. Mime 1 Float Stone
1 Super Rod
1 Tool Scrapper

13 responses to “Pokémon TCG Deck Breakdown – Dragonite!”

  1. X4rd0n

    tbh it’s kinda strange deck build… Playing Garbodor yet you have like 5 different abilitys of your own. True if you dont attach tool at Garbodor you can use it but then again, do you want to leave your opponent free to use abilitys? To be sure I must try it out 😛 just from the looks of it, it doesn’t seams to be that amazing as people say it is. That’s just my honest opinion.

    1. C-Dub

      Its a deck that has an “either or” strategy depending on which pokemon you are facing. You arn’t getting Garbodor out unless you are playing a deck that can one-hit-KO you like Blastoise or Genesect to turn off their abilities and prevent them from streaming big attacks on you.

      Yeah it seems odd to have all those abilities in a deck with Garby, but you have to adjust what strategy you use each match.

  2. Zach

    I don’t like the lack of switch cards. What if you start with the wrong Pokemon and your float is prized? Do you just scoop?

    1. F0NTAINE

      You attach an energy and retreat? Nothing has a heavy retreat cost but Garbodor. You can slam a DCE on Trubbish and retreat it.

      1. Zach

        Except that sets you back 1-2 turns, at which point your opponent has likely set up.

        1. F0NTAINE

          God forbid you have to be completely ahead 100% of the time in every game you win. And if you run switch cards, you’re more like to miss those off a supporter than an energy to retreat.

  3. :P

    The deck is decent. It provides some effectiveness. It not too consistent but your build plays beach which is not a bad idea to help you set up easier. Though this deck counters popular decks in the current format it does have a few counters itself. Genesect is actually a counter. If your up against genesect which is more like a win or lose situation in which if you don’t set up fast enough you will actually lose. Honestly genesect is too fast and silver mirror isn’t really a threat( genesect decks run virizion, mewtwo, bouffalent). The other big threats are all the varients of darkrai(3) – Darkrai/lasers/Hammers, Darkrai/Hydreigon, Darkrai/Garbodar. All varients of darkrai do not fear dragonite at all. If they get out garbodar out early game it will be a set back for you(stops virizion’s ability) This basically means lasers are going to make a big impact on the game, hammers are going to disrupt your energy acceleration so most of the time you’ll have to just tropical beach. With just plain darkrai the big threats will be catcher, darkrai will just keeping getting easy prices and with hydreigon they will be able to continuously heal and they can carry attackers like absol which is a big threat.

    1. Mandalayon

      You realize that the point of the deck is to block items… You don’t care about catchers, you don’t care about lasers, you don’t care about Hammers… And you don’t care about Garbodor: Once you set up a Dragonite, just use your one Tool Scrapper, and they won’t be able to attach again.and with Reuniclus you move the damage off of the active to something on your bench and you just wait until you win.

      The only matchup you have to fear is a Virizion/Mewtwo when they can set up Multiple Mewtwos that can OHKO your Dragonites. All others are even or slightly favourable.

  4. T_T

    So Dragonite won one Regional piloted by Ryan Sabelhaus . Someone knows the list he played or if is more less like Pooka´s deck list ?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      I’ll be doing a video on Ryan’s version of the deck soon!

      1. T_T

        Thanks Pooka that will be great.

    2. Joe Wenneman

      I played against him late in the tournament (with Plasma, no less) and needless to say, I was lucky enough to at least earn a draw. I stole game one by him having a prized silver mirror and me managing to scrap the other one early before he got a Dragonite set up. Given that he had played Town Map, I had to do a lot of systematic retreating to prevent him from grabbing that second mirror. By the end of the game, my entire bench sat with at least 120 damage each.

      His deck wasn’t at all like this one.

      His was much more streamlined. Dragonite, Garbodor, 1 Jirachi, 1 Mewtwo, and 1 Victini (+Victory Piece). There may have been an Altaria or 2, but I can’t recall. (He locked me up in one of the games with nothing on his bench).

      Based on how I saw him play, The Reuniclus inclusion is completely unnecessary in my opinion, but it’s obviously dependent on your meta.

  5. stouty

    Simisear emboar for BDM?