Pokémon XY TCG Set Review!


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  1. joshua

    can we use the rainbow energy printed from previous sets?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yes, you should be able to!

  2. John Seiler

    I assumed Red Card was supposed to jank up Tropical Beach since it a card that not everybody can get.

  3. Eric

    I like the video!!! do it every time a new set comes out 😀

  4. deashira

    I am surprised you skipped Swellow but otherwise great video, great set.

  5. Poke'dad

    Kyle, Wouldn’t Soda Help Speed Up Your Flareon deck?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      I would much rather play Ultra Ball or Level Ball!

  6. $@//

    Personally, I think you missed a lot of cards with great potential, like Rhyperior, Talonflame, and Swellow. A lot of rogue decks will come out of this set, and maybe some will be reborn. Keep up the good work Pooka!

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      I don’t really see any potential in either Rhyperior or Talonflame. Swellow may be used a little, but you can achieve the same effect with Escape Rope.

    2. C-Dub

      I will agree with Kyle that Rhyperior has no potential. In fact, I think its terrible. A stage 2 with two bad attacks. Yuck. The only thing is has going is 160 HP for a non-EX.

      Talonflame has some potential. Mabye in the next set there will be more support for fire pokemon and it will become a viable card. If they would have made its first attack reduce their hand to 2 cards instead of 4, for example, I think it would be a nice rogue that would see some play. But its not. It does have free retreat and an attack that cost 2 energy for 100 damage…but its just not good enough right now.

      Swellow isn’t that good. So you use the ability to make them switch….ok. Just like when escape rope is played on me, I switch into a pokemon that can hit the bench when its my turn again. If they would have made Swellow’s ability so you pick, iike catcher, then it would be very playable as a stage one with a bad attack…but they didn’t.

      1. YoshiUchiha

        Rhyperior is pretty much a reprint of vanniluxe from plasma freeze that is a little stronger and a little weaker. And swellow is a better version of braviary. And talonflame is a reprint of Infernape but with less damage and I think less hp.

    3. Neil Klima

      i was debating the merits of Braviary and Swellow with someone earlier because i had the false assumption they were pretty much the same card. Then it was pointed out to me that Swellow doesnt have to be active for its ability to work, which i think makes it much more valuable, despite Braviary DRX’s slim edge in attack power.

  7. C-Dub

    Kyle what is your reasoning for not covering Tauros and Furfrou? Both are good in their own ways, can be put into any deck, and are semi-bulky non-EX attackers.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Both of them are pretty underwhelming. Furfrou is pretty much outclassed by Bouffalant, and Tauros doesn’t seem very good. Now that Muscle Band is in the format, these kinds of “low HP” attackers that take multiple Energy to attack are going to be difficult to use.

      1. C-Dub

        But Taros with one of any energy does 30…slap a muscle band on that guy and hes doing 50 for 1, which can be really good early game or late game to KO a weakened pokemon they bring up if all of your energy was wiped off the board. Yeah you do 10 to yourself with the attack, but it plays into it’s 2nd attack. Tauros is heavily damaged? No problem. I’ll just attach a DCE and make it rain with coin flips for a potentially scary amount of damage.

        And I believe Furfrou is the new bouffalant, but with a better attack in a format that is slowly shifting in favor of more non-EX attackers. It does 80 AND can discard an energy half of the time, which is such a great effect when it hits. Slap a hard charm on this guy and hes reducing attacks by 40. I see this card being fantastic in a lot of decks, particularly Virizion and Fairybox decks that have the ability to block laserbank. IMO fairy decks in particular will see the most success in this upcoming format by streaming strong non-EX attackers like Furfrou with all the support they have and ability to get a lot of energy on the field in just a few turns.

        1. Public Toilet

          1 for 30 isn’t that great in this format. The things that are good that hit 30 for 1 (e.g. Thundurus) have other things within their effect to make it good. The fact that it does 10 to itself to power up its 2nd attack is not the best of points because it will help Genesect KO it with Megalo Canon, Darkrai KO’s it anyway with Muscle Band/ Laserbank, Lugia 1hkos it anyway, Keldeo 1hkos it, Landorus weakness so Landorus can 1hko it with muscle band – not to mention the second attack is on coin flips. With it being only colourless means it cannot hit for weakness. I can only think this will be slightly useful is in Virgen but you’d want to be attaching to Virizion on your first turn. In the late game it is horrible, you’ve got your opponent with a fully set up attacker while you are going 30/50 for 1.

          1. C-Dub

            You made valid points there. Yes, Tauros does get one shotted after they are powered up and attacking. But all of those cards take 3 or so turns to power up and come out swinging. In the meantime, if I go second and have Tauros active, I attach an energy, attach a muscle band (that my rogue deck will be playing 4 of), and i’m hitting for 50 that turn and probably 2 more turns before Tauros is KO’d. So i’m trading 150 damage on their field for one energy and prize (if I don’t KO a sableye or something along the way). Then, I bring up another attacker that I was powering up in those turns that I was attacking.

            I’ll just have to see how it works. Mabye i’m thinking about the card too much in regard to the deck i’m planning on running because it uses disruption tactics too to slow my opponent down. In regards to the late game attacking that I mentioned, my deck doesn’t have OHKO abilties unless I have a ton of energy on Mewtwo…so a lot of times i’m trying to two or three show my opponent. In many games, I have damaged their side heavily when they bring up a weakened Darkrai or something and i’ve always been needing a quick 40-50 damage attacker to finish them off.

          2. Cosmo

            I would like to see your deck list.

          3. C-Dub

            I don’t give out decklists. I think its horrible for the game as a whole. Kyle has the said the same thing before a while back, but he does it now because he knows it gets views and brings more traffic to the site.

          4. cosmo

            but what are the key cards and your stradegy for tauros rouge?

          5. C-Dub

            There are a few routes you can go with it. I am just using it as a 2 of in my deck that plays multiple muscle bands. Getting that quick t1 or t2 50 for one energy has shown to be effective for me. Just as I was saying in my above posts.


            You can play it with Umbreon PLF with plasma badge and aspertia city gym to give Tauros high HP and soak up some damage before attacking for outrageous amounts of damage via coin flips. Its pretty fun!

  8. Public Toilet

    The only thing Eviolite does that Hard Charm doesn’t is preventing damage from your own attacks (doesn’t prevent recoil from say Bolt Strike).

  9. TAndrewT

    On Malamar’s Mental Trash + Victini’s Victory Star: There is a Pokeym “Ask the Rules Team” thread that says that you *can* in fact force your opponent to re-flip those four coins. I mean, it doesn’t turn Malamar into Durant or anything, but there you go.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Yeah, I found out after I made the video. It’s a strange ruling, but apparently Victini has a poor translation. Any time your Pokémon has an attack with flips for an effect, you can choose to have them redone with Victory Star.

      1. cmcrowley1025

        So even attacks like Gible’s sand attack would have to be re-flipped if I had a victini out?

        1. Kyle Sucevich

          No, that effect happens on your opponent’s turn. Victory Star activates only on your turn. Even if your opponent had a Victini in play, Victory Star cannot be used to reflip for effects like that – only things that pertain directly to your attack’s coin flips. Flipping to see whether or not you can attack is different.

  10. phroggysmyles

    Unlike Darkrai’s “CloaK”, the Fairy Garden Stadium isn’t affected by Garbodor and his “Garbotoxin” so I think you might be selling it a bit short.

  11. Bliseyking

    I think gorgeist deserves more attention thanks to hypnotoxic laser and rocky helmet forcing a ko or giving you a chance to use soul scream respectively

  12. Rainbowgym

    I see max revive being very good in combination with cards like bicycle, Empoleon, Electrode or any “draw up to” kind of cards. The fact you don’t shuffle a pokemin into a deck but put it on top makes it for me a card with more credits you give it.