Pooka’s Top 5 Favorite Decks!

6 responses to “Pooka’s Top 5 Favorite Decks!”

  1. mainshane

    Happy Birthday! Mine is in a week, and I’m getting my first box as my birthday present. Very excited. I just got into Pokemon with Legendary Treasures and I’ve been having lots of fun bringing weird decks to my local league and trying to fight all those Sableyes and Genesects and so on. My favourite, which was really hard to work, was a Twin Gardevoir where I would try and get two Gardevoirs up and tag team them with Eternal Radiance. As you can imagine, not very strong, but it’s all I had to work with, only having LTR cards. I would run 4 Sigilyph and a Spiritomb in the deck to stall while I set it up. I love the looks on people’s faces when they see that Sigilyph come out and their bench is full of EX.

  2. Public Toilet

    Happy Birthday Pooka! Unsurprisingly another amazing video. I haven’t been playing too long but my favourite deck is Darkrai. I have won a single non- pre release tournament in my pokemon career (a cities) although in seniors and with about 10 players, I was amazed when I won. Darkrai is my Meganium and I will be sad to see it get rotated in 2/3 years time. I hope to play it until the second it is rotated. It will always have a place in my heart even if I stop playing – which I hope will be never.

  3. MultX

    Hi, Pooka, very interesting video and happy birthday (albeit late, sorry..). My favorite deck was Gyarados. In Russia where I live we actually played in Expedition-Call of Legends format for about half of a year, and in one tournament I just came up with Swoop! Teleporter idea that just ended up so broken in Gyarados and I won undefeated, I just had a long euphoria after this.

  4. $@//

    Happy belated birthday Pooka! Hope you had a good time. My favorite deck, although it is terrible, is Quad Heatmor + Ether because 200 damage is easy to accomplish. It is hilarious when I’m battling at league. Can you do a Greninja/Kingdra deck for BDM or DWW? Keep up the great work!

  5. Roby105

    Man happy b-day pooka, this has been an awesome experience. You’ve really shown me how great this Pokemon tcg can be. My only wish is to be able to battle you one time. Thanks for making all of these videos and God bless bro.

  6. JW Kriewall

    Empoleon/Recycle for Fall Regionals. Absolutely my favorite deck ever and nobody saw it coming. I thought of the idea the week before and hadn’t done extensive testing with the deck until the night of. I thought I had great matchups across the board, but unfortunately only managed a Top 32 with an 8-1 record through swiss. I was so torn that I was never interviewed by the Top Cut for that deck/performance, but such is life. RIP Empoleon.