Pokémon TCG Online – Darkrai/Yveltal Deck!


Pokémon – 9 Trainers – 39 Energy – 12
3 Yveltal EX 4 Professor Juniper 9 Darkness Energy
2 Darkrai EX 4 N 3 Double Colorless Energy
2 Sableye 4 Random Receiver
1 Yveltal 2 Bicycle
1 Absol 1 Computer Search
4 Ultra Ball
4 Dark Patch
3 Red Card
3 Dark Claw
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
2 Virbank City Gym
2 Energy Switch
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter

37 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Darkrai/Yveltal Deck!”

  1. Roby105

    This is a very interesting deck, that I made myself, although I prefer running 3 darkrai instead of two because I like the spread damage. Thanks for the video. Evil ball is the death of all pokemon

  2. kbucher2288

    I made a similar variation of this deck and it seems pretty solid. I chose not to run the red cards though. Overall the risk of helping the opponent isn’t worth it for me. I think the card is pretty overhyped unless used solely on the first turn.

    1. Jeremy Bridges

      i also made a variation that included 4 juniper,3 shauna,2 colress,1 N to combine with 3 red card. i ended up knocking the red card down to 1. its a nice ‘one of’ that doesnt take up much space but when, like you said, you get it on the first turn (or following up an opponents beach draw mid-game) its straight disruption for an item card. on a similiar note, i’m enjoying the shaunas b/c i never have to worry about improving my opponent’s hand w/ N. the 1 N i do run serves me well when i’m behind and i’m never under pressure to rely on it to draw cards in the beginning when it would help my opponent out 70-80 % of the time.

      I’ve also added an extra proffessor’s letter to combo with ultra ball/dark patch/yveltal oblivion wing. I find my self getting more energy from the discard than from my hand. this also allows me to only run 2 DCE so i don’t rely on it, which is nice vs.hammers… between the dark claw and 20 extra damage yvetal EX does(compared to mewtwo) running 4 DCE and getting hurt by the hammer is unnecessary.

      Here’s my current list:
      3 Yveltal EX
      2 Yveltal
      2 Darkrai EX
      1 Keldeo EX
      1 Absol
      1 Sableye

      3 Dark Claw (+1)
      2 Virbank City Gym (-1)

      10 Dark Energy
      2 D.C.E.

      4 Professor Sycamore
      3 Skyla
      3 Shauna
      2 Colress
      1 N

      4 Ultra Ball
      4 Dark Patch
      3 Hypnotoxic Laser (-1)
      2 Energy Switch
      2 Professor’s Letter
      1 Dowsing Machine
      1 Red Card
      1 Escape Rope
      1 Super Potion
      1 Enhanced Hammer
      0 Tool Scrapper (+1)

      super potion also works well w/ dark patch and oblivion wing.
      with all the pressure brought by yveltal ex i can get by with 2 or less junk hunt’s per game and then usually as a “prize stall” with sableye, then i’m right back to pounding away w/ my attackers. My biggest conundrum now is whether i even need 3 yveltal ex’s or the best way to spread my energy acceleration between multiple copies of such great attackers.

      1. Chris

        How are you running 3 yveltal ex and 2 regular yveltals when you can only have 4 in total?

        1. Neil Klima

          Youre allowed to have 4 of each actually

          1. Chris

            How? I thought you could only have 4 of a basic pokemon?

          2. TyTheSauceSmith

            Yvetal EX.
            2 different pokemon.

          3. AnUpsetEmoZebra

            Did I get this right? You thought you could only have 4 basic Pokémon in a deck? Okay I am stupid of course that’s not what you ment. You may have up to 4 Pokémon with the same name in a deck. the EX is considered a part of the card’s name. Fun fact if you search for for example Yveltal EX in your collection in PTCGO you will never get any results because the game spells it Yveltal-EX.

        2. Seb

          Hello every body I just wanted to say that I too use an yveltal deck yet I have made some changes to it. For example I run 3 yveltal ex 3 darkria 3 yveltal 1 keldeo 1 mr. Mime. The stradegy is to steer of with baby yveltal(discard as many energy a using ultra ball) to power up darkria or yveltal ex depending on the situation.(usually it’s better to use yveltal ex rather than darkria)darkria: teky used for its ability dark cloak and for emergencies or to be prized. Keldeo and mr. Mine are used for both if their great abilities. In conclusion I think my deck will sooner or later gain popularity now that dark patch might get rotated because of the new series flash fire. Yveltal is probably the bast new ex card that has Come out now. Hopefully a good new ex can come out in the new series “FURIUOS FIST”(after flashfire) to counter yvelta decks and make the pokemon TCG a lot more challenging. Peace

        3. B

          They count as a different person. However if you had a lvl x they are considered the same person

  3. $@//

    Pooka, would a straight Hydreigon/Yveltal Ex deck with Darkrai Ex for Dark Cloak and Sableye be a competitive deck? It seems like an interesting concept, and maybe Dusknoir could move all the extra damage to the bench. There would be lots of it.

    1. area

      You are not worthy of his reply :>

      1. $@//


      2. h


  4. Zingy

    This deck is ridiculous. I just played against it numerous times online with a deck containing hard counters (raichu and terrakion) and still lost a few games. A 3 energy yveltal with muscle band on it is just stupid good and KO’s just about any non-EX with any energy on it. Add in laser and its even more OP. I’m still trying to adjust my deck to counter this more effectively without giving up too much to the rest of the field. I’d be curious to know the matchup is for those who play plasma and use Thunderus. I’d imagine it does very well.

    I predict this will not only be the “go to beginners deck” when the tins come out next month making Yveltal cheap to get like Darkrai has been. After rotation this year the top deck could very well be Yveltal/Garby with mabye shadow circle stadium in there. All in all its 2+ more years of an overwhelming dark type EX in the format.

    1. Bob

      I play plasma, and Thundurus is awesome. 30+4 Deoxys+Muscle Band = OHKO on Lugia and Yveltal

      1. Jonathan Kim Sing

        Hence the shadow Circle

  5. Niels Kornerup

    I only have room in my list for either an Absol or a Yveltal. Which one should I run?

    1. Johnny Jackson

      Yveltal does more for you. helps power the bench more to get out Yveltal EX.

    2. Johnny Jackson

      Yveltal is better overall. He has two attacks and can help get dark energy to the bench, Absol is more situation based.

  6. Dance4ublu

    Just starting out :) some cards are super hard to obtain.. Patch, claw, sable..

    My list at the moment..

    Yvetel x3
    Yvetel Ex x2
    Darkrai Ex x2
    Mew Ex x1
    Bunnelby x2
    Diggersby x2
    Zorua x1
    Zoruark x1 ( brutal bash/ dark rush)
    Inkay x1
    Malamar x1 (mental trash)
    Absol x1
    Spiritomb x1
    Kangaskan x1

    Silver bangle x2
    Muscle band x1
    Super potion x1
    Tool scrapper x1
    Shadow triad x1
    Hypnotoxic laser x1
    Rock guard x1
    Prof. Juniper x2
    Tierno x2
    Cheren x2
    Caitlin x1
    Cassius x1
    Skyla x2
    Ultra x3
    Professor’s letter x4
    Aspertia x1

    Colorless energy x4
    Dark energy x 11

    Lots happening in this deck haha. Any feedback or add/ replace recommendations?
    The motor is the regular yvetels, focus is to chip away at defending active with oblivion with ultra/ prof. Letter combo to search a basic to set up strategy.

    Darkrai for cloak and Mew to match a fairy deck or hopefully first off a Mewtwo Ex

    Zoruark, Malamar, spiritomb good at start if drawn take little enrgy to load up. Combo with Mew Ex. Diggersby junk hunt sub. Get two item cards for two colorless energy

    1. g

      Sableye outclasses Diggersby, so play Sableye in extended.

  7. Chris

    If i took out the sableyes would this deck still aggressive enough? What can i change them out for?

    1. sdsd

      Taking them out would make the deck more aggressive and faster because you will attack more instead of spending turns junk hunting.

      Take them out for yveltal-non EX or absol

      1. Chris

        How many though?

        1. sdsd

          Depends on how many sableyes you are taking out. If taking out 3, then add in 2 yveltal-nonEX and an absol, if taking out 2 then add in one of each.

          1. chris

            ah, okay. Thanks so much for the help. :)

    2. Johnny Jackson

      Bouffalant or Yveltal XY works for a better attacker

  8. Johnny Jackson

    Hey pooka, do you think possibly if you could make a Yveltal/garbodor list and video for us? it did pretty well in states and i think it will be better against most meta match ups. I personally would like to see idea on the deck like sableye, bouffalant, how many darkrai. stuff like that. thanks

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      You can see a video on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGUptmZKGLc

  9. szymek39

    gut wili gut

    1. szymek39
  10. Sean Ball

    I made a Yveltal/Darkrai Deck is very powerful but I had mine to a Yveltal/Garbordor because I think it was more safe to run Garbordor and Trubbish because of the release of Mega Charizard/Pyroar Decks and with decks that relies on Ability such as Blastosie, Rayboar, and Virizon/Genesect it will give me a advantage in a battle.

  11. chris

    So how does this deck do now with the rotation? How would it still be viable post rotation?

  12. GroundZero

    How would you update this for the new format?

    1. Zachary Siddiq

      There are a lot of cards that would be taken out because of the rotation (like Dark Patch, Sableye, etc.) and plenty of cards added from the new sets (Like Seismitoad-EX, VS Seeker, etc.). I suggest watching some of the newest videos Kyle has put up to get ideas.

  13. Rikatana

    What booster pack is recommended for me to buy?