Bad Deck Monday – Kingdra/Greninja!


Pokémon – 21 Trainers – 28 Energy – 11
4 Horsea 4 Professor Juniper 11 Water Energy
1 Seadra 4 N
4 Kingdra 2 Skyla
4 Froakie 2 Colress
2 Frogadier 2 Tropical Beach
4 Greninja 1 Dowsing Machine
1 Voltorb 4 Rare Candy
1 Electrode 3 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Escape Rope
1 Tool Scrapper
1 Super Rod

28 responses to “Bad Deck Monday – Kingdra/Greninja!”

  1. steven

    told ya, its awesome =D

    1. C-Dub

      Its certainly a fun deck, but having to run two thick stage 2 lines will never be consistent enough in this format to be competitive.

      I really feel like Greninja’s best partner currently is plasma Kyurem because its a non-EX basic, 130 hp, and for two water energy you can frost spear for 30/30, which has good synergy with grenina’s ability that puts 3 damage counters on one of their pokemon. You can stick it out there to last a few turns and manually attach the energies to frost spear while setting up 3-4 Greninja on the bench hopefully by mid-late game.

      A list I thought of that I don’t mind sharing:

      4 Plasma Kyurem

      4 Froakie
      2 Frogadier

      4 Greninja

      2 Keldeo EX

      4 Juniper
      4 N
      2 Colress
      3 Skyla

      4 Float Stones
      4 Rare Candy
      3 Ultra Ball
      4 Superior Energy Retrievals
      1 Super Rod
      1 Dowsing Machine

      2 Frozen City

      12 Water Energies

      Its not a tested list and i’m not saying its amazing, but I feel like it has potential.

      1. Roby105

        Yeah this is a deck that I am going to be running, but there’s a few things that you could run in order to help both speed and consistency. The first being Colress machine and add plasma energies. I like this option, because it allows for faster attachment to kyurem so that you are able to begin frost spearing as quickly as you can. An excegute with propogation would also be helpful in order to assist the discarding for your superior’s and your ultra ball’s. Also I’m going to add at least 2 professor’s letter because getting those energies that quickly can help with water shuriken. I also like those Colress machine because if you can attach a water energy and Colress machine a plasma energy onto your active kyurem on turn 2 you can blizzard burn for 100. Then if you are able to set up a Keldeo with a float stone you can blizzard burn each turn.
        So this will be my test list:

        4 Kyurem PLF

        4-1-4 Greninja

        2 Keldeo ex

        1. Roby105

          Sry here’s the rest:

          1 Exegute PLF

          4 Juniper
          3 N
          2 Colress
          3 Skyla
          4 Rare Candy
          3 Colress Machine
          3 Float Stone
          3 Either Superior retrieval or regular energy retrieval
          3 Ultra Ball
          Either Dowsing Machine or Computer Search
          2 Tool Scrapper
          2 Muscle Band

          3 Plasma Energy
          8 Water Energy

          Now this is an outline that is just an idea but I think it could work

          1. Roby105

            Then you could add frozen city but I need to play test some more.
            Although I would like to have two

          2. C-Dub

            I like your ideas for the list but must argue for some needed changes that I think are necessary.

            One of the biggest things I would change is to drop the muscle bands and add in the frozen cities. I think you would get more damage output overall on their side compared to the 20 extra damage you get to their active from attacks, not to mention they can be tool scrappered.

            I also would definitely go with superior energy retrievals over the regular ones because ideally you’re going through 3-4 waters per turn to chuck water shurikens. So you need to get them back in large numbers to be able to spam 3-4 again next turn.

            Definitely dowsing machine over computer search in this deck even though I understand the argument for the latter because it can help you set up slightly faster.

            I REALLY think you want a super rod in here somewhere as well because you want them to have to take out 4-5 (maybe even 6) Kyurems in the game to collect all of their prizes. Grenina is come off the bench as an attacker, as well as Keldeo, but I want them to have to take out the bulky 130 hp kyurems to win while enduring countless water shurikens.

            I’m not really sold on the colress machines or the plasma energies. Yes, they allow you to get a faster attack BUT you want to play a medium to long game with this deck. I find no problem in just manually attaching each turn. Kyurem attacks for a nice 30/30 for two energies…so it shouldn’t be that bad to have to wait a turn. I realize this makes the deck a “slower” one, but you need the room that colress machines and plasma energies takes up for other needed and crucial resources. You don’t want to sacrifice the strength of the deck of making them win a drawn out game while you hit them relentlessly with water shurikens from the bench because of wanting to set up a little faster (colress machine and special energies) and hit a little harder (muscle bands)

            All in all, food for thought based on what I said. Glad you’re liking the idea of the deck!

          3. C-Dub

            I also think 11-12 waters is a must for this deck. The reason being:

            You want to have 3-5 on your Kyurems that you are attaching each turn and frost spearing (and occasionally blizzard burning). Mabye 2 on your active and 2-3 on a benched one ready to go. Ideally I think you want to have an active Kyurem, a benched one ready to go, 3 Greninja, and a Keldeo with float stone. This bench setup and proper water attachments leaves you with about 5-7 free water energies that you can access and discard from your hand throughout the game with Greninja’s ability. Some water energies might be prized, so that leaves you with some room to have 3-4 to get quickly in your hand and use to discard.

            The other benefit to solely running just 11-12 water energies is that they are basic and can’t be enhanced hammered.

          4. Roby105

            Right I would run 12 water but with the plasma energies I took some out because I wanted to fit those plasma energies in. Also even if you get enhanced energy since the deck isn’t based on specials if you get one discarded you can just reattach one water to get back to your original energy attachment number. But I am still in the process of getting these cards in order to test it

          5. C-Dub

            I just fear that you are going too low in the water energy count in a deck that crucially needs them for the strategy to be successful.

            I’m looking at this deck in the bigger picture when thinking about how it would ideally be set up. True, adding muscle bands would add 20 damage to your active’s attack, and colress machines would allow you to get set up a turn faster. But i’m okay with playing this deck in a slower manner because once I get my bench set up and i’ve spread some frost spear damage around…then i’m primed to hitting hard with water shurikens, which is where the real power lies. Its why I hate to even play 3 superior energy retrievals instead of 4. That one slot can = 90-120 damage in the form of 3-4 water shurikens one turn. Now if you’re cutting one out for lets say a muscle band that might get you 40-60 more damage to their active before Kyurem is KO’d or its scrappered…do you see where i’m coming from with this idea that you don’t want to cut corners on the real base power of the deck?

            Don’t take any of my ideas or feedback the wrong way. I like this discussion of ideas. :)

          6. Roby105

            Yeah I see your point I will take out the muscle bands and try to take out 2 other things in order to put more water energy in and I may take out the Colress machine, and plasma energies. But no man I don’t take you feedback the wrong way, if you remember I’m the guy that didn’t know what to pair Greninja and I said Raichu like an idiot. So maybe we can test and let each other know how it goes with our different variants, then we could make a joint idea or something because testing is what makes a deck work.

          7. C-Dub

            I do like your ideas and would consider a list with colress machine. What about the following? It uses most of your list but with a few of my changes:

            4 Kyurem PLF

            4-1-4 Greninja

            2 Keldeo ex

            1 Exegute PLF

            4 Juniper
            3 N
            2 Colress
            3 Skyla
            4 Rare Candy
            3 Colress Machine
            3 Float Stone

            4 Superior Energy Retrievals
            2 Tool Scrapper

            1 Dowsing Machine

            2 Frozen Cities

            9 Water Energies
            4 Plasma Energies

            That equals 60 when I count and I don’t think i’m missing anything…9 waters might just be enough to be efficient while you run 4 plasma energies and 3 colress machines (with dowsing machine for a possible 4th if needed) to accelerate energy.

          8. Roby105

            This looks like an excellent deck idea man! Thanks for the help bro do you know if you have the cards necessary to test this deck.

          9. C-Dub

            I actually don’t have the cards to build this deck. :( I still need 2 Kyurem and 2 Keldeo EX online and mabye a Grenina…I think I have all of the other cards. But I don’t exactly have the cards to trade for those at the moment either. I just thought of this deck idea while I was thinking about what could work with Greninja.

          10. Roby105

            Alright we’ll when you get them and test it will you let me know?
            Because if it works i may take it to nationals

          11. C-Dub

            Will do. I may have them in the next few weeks. I’ll post in this thread when i’m able to test it. I felt like throwing out the idea for any interested so i’m glad you like it! Cheers m8.

          12. Roby105

            Sounds good bro. God Bless

          13. Roby105

            Hey C-Dub, how’s the deck going bro??

          14. C-Dub

            Haven’t been able to play it because I don’t have the cards online. Not sure that i’ll be getting them either. I’ve kind of just been playing my psychic deck whenever i’m on ptcgo, which i’ve kind of been doing less because of how unhappy I am with the update. And I don’t play live so I haven’t had any real motivation for testing the deck. :( Wish I could offer you a better answer but the ideas we discussed here are still alive and well!

          15. C-Dub

            And i’ll probably test a similar version of the deck if Lugia and other big EX’s give me issues when I test. I think another version of the deck could swap out the 4 Kyurems and 4 plasma energy for 4 Suicunes and 4 Double Colorless Energies. And then you would also have 3 spots open due to no colress machines. I’ll just have to see what works.

          16. Roby105

            Yeah that would be good but I’m hoping that the kyurem work out :)

          17. Roby105

            Yeah I agree with the superior retrievals as well as the dowsing machine. I’m just liking the idea of early pressure while you set up the Greninja’s but I’m not sure myself if the plasma’s and the Colress machine’s would work. But I do like the muscle bands because then your kyurem can do 50 and 30 with frost spear and when that is paired with frozen city that’s some serious damage output. But I’m probably wrong, after all I’ve only been playing the tcg for about a month or two.

          18. Roby105

            We’ll now I suppose you could take out the excegute and maybe one Keldeo ex so you could add 2 frozen city but I’m not for sure.
            I’ve been thinking about this deck for a long time and I think it may be able to contend with some of the more popular decks since emboar decks have a general weakness to water (except for ray boar) and kyurem’s weakness is to metal so you don’t need to fear virizion/genesect. Also a silver mirror could help as well.

  2. $@//

    Call it Ninjadra! I love this deck!

  3. grantm1999

    Might want some Energy Retrievals instead of 11 Waters…
    edit: Never mind there’s dragon vortex, for some reason I was only thinking about Tri Bullet.

  4. thflame

    I have an idea for a Bad Deck Monday.

    M Blastoise EX/Dusknoir

    M Blastoise EX with a Muscle Band puts 200 damage on the field each turn. Add some Virbank/Laser shenanigans and Dusknoir will have a field day!

    The hard part will be setting up.

  5. LawlietTheThird

    I run this deck with 3 max potion and more energy. you put 3-5 energy on kingdra and then max potion them into the grave hard well timed you can get 6-8 energy in the grave yard in one turn. 9 is a OHKO. Its fun to play.

  6. Riley Emmer

    **I don’t play competitively, but just for fun**. Before this video I was running Kingdra/Empoleon (Empoleon with Attack Command and Dive Draw ability) Now I’m going to tech in a 2 1 2 line of Greninja just to screw with everyone. I love decks that evolve a lot, it makes the game more fun for me, and just more trolly all around. Really excited to see how Greninja will synch with the deck. I’m going to call it “Royal Ninja” (Emperor and King– see what I did there? ;P )

  7. Luke

    Maybe you could replace voltorb and electrode with miltank