Pokémon TCG Online – Team Plasma Deck!


Pokémon – 11 Trainers – 35 Energy – 14
3 Deoxys EX 4 Professor Juniper 4 Plasma Energy
2 Thundurus EX 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Lugia EX 3 Skyla 4 Prism Energy
2 Snorlax 3 Colress 2 Lightning Energy
1 Genesect EX 2 Shadow Triad
1 Mewtwo EX 3 Colress Machine
3 Muscle Band
2 Tool Scrapper
2 Frozen City
2 Switch
2 Team Plasma Ball
1 Ultra Ball
1 Escape Rope
1 Float Stone
1 Max Potion
1 Scramble Switch

10 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Team Plasma Deck!”

  1. Roby105

    Gosh pooka you were pretty unlucky this game bro. Hey I just had ab question, since plasma decks have grown in popularity due to yeti, do you think having 2 enhanced hammer in my darkrai deck is wise? I run 3 catcher because I can abuse the flip with sableye since I can junk hunt them, and I don’t think that I should run both crushing hammer and catcher because that is to much flipping. But since enhanced hammer is without flip I feel like that would work. What do you think?

    1. apokemontrader

      enhanced hammer is a strong option at the moment: fairybox, plasma, the odd flareon or even the rare DugChew: all of these decks struggle when hammer-hunting. It’s dead against Blastoise and RayBoar and somewhat in the mirror so I wouldn’t advise more than 2 slots.

      1. Roby105

        Ok thx a lot man

  2. Godoy93


    1. saffronsabrina

      mewtwo’s great because he doesn’t rely on abilities like lugia and colress machine makes it easy to attach energy

  3. dusty

    honestly id get rid of mewtwo and replace with a kyurem with frost spear, the snipe would be great to use

  4. Greg

    Mewtwo is used against mirrors for the most part (Dragonite with mirror would be an auto loss)

    1. Niels

      You use Red Signal, so no you don’t NEED him ^^

  5. Hvgcthcvhhbuub

    Y not four deoxys

  6. DatChickenGaming

    Could this deck benefit from running a Team Plasma Glaceon for free retreat and a Pyroar counter? The bench spot might not be worth it though.