Building on a Budget – Weavile/Exeggcute!


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Pokémon – 18 Trainers – 34 Energy – 8
4 Sneasel 4 Professor Sycamore 8 Darkness Energy
4 Weavile 4 N
4 Exeggcute 3 Colress
2 Voltorb 2 Shauna
2 Electrode 1 Dowsing Machine
1 Mr. Mime 4 Level Ball
1 Tirtouga 4 Ultra Ball
4 Dark Patch
3 Silver Bangle
2 Super Rod
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Escape Rope
1 Tool Scrapper

Estimated cost of building the deck from scratch: $60-70

12 responses to “Building on a Budget – Weavile/Exeggcute!”

  1. Shoopuf

    I love the Weavile/Eggs deck. It is currently the deck I enjoy most on PTCGO. I’m running a more expensive version, by using one of’s of Darkrai EX, Yveltal EX, Keldeo EX, etc, but I totally agree that it’s a super cheap deck to build. I don’t think it needs the Electrode engine with all that Supporter draw, but it works, and it’s fun.

    Some straightforward swaps I’d do:

    1) +2 Skyla, -1 N, -1 Shauna. Skyla is very useful to grab that Bangle or Tool Scrapper the turn you need it. Or it can grab your ACE Spec, which leads me to point 2.

    2) Scoop Up Cyclone instead of Dowsing Machine. This works wonders for the lone Egg start and also for late game. The situation is that you have all 4 Eggs in the discard, but you need 2 more pokemon in hand for the last 2 prizes, but you don’t have any in hand. But you do have an Electrode on the bench. Scoop him up and voila! 2 more pokemon in hand, plus the 4 Eggs makes 6 for the full 180 even without a Bangle. The other way Scoop Up Cyclone is nice is for when you have a Dark Patch and an energy, but no energy on the Weavile, and without an Escape Rope, you can’t do both on the attacking Weavile. Just promote something else, attach to benched Weavile, Dark Patch to same Weavile and Scoop the active. That also gives you an extra pokemon to ditch if you need it, as described earlier.

    Other things to note about the deck in this form. It will auto-lose to Accelgor/Dusknoir/Lock. They can Deck and Cover without Virbank in play to keep the damage down, and move it around to KO benches, while escaping to Goth/Tree to item lock. The two ways around this would be either a one of Darkrai and Keldeo (preferred method), or the cheaper and more interesting approach, a Cassius. The Cassius also helps with the lone Egg start, as in the late game when it’s on the bench, you can use a supporter turn to shuffle it back into the deck and level or ultra ball for it immediately.

    I would also recommend finding a spot for a single town map. Prized Eggs are bad news. Town Map lets you know eggsactly which prize to take (see what I did there???)

    Great video though! I love cheap decks.

    1. Jamjust3

      Wouldn’t Cassius be a better option than Scoop Up Cyclone?

      1. Shoopuf

        A possible option. The scoop is particularly useful when combined with Skyla for the surprise KO, whereas Cassius can’t be used that way and is really only best for shuffling a lone Egg start.

  2. C-Dub

    Kyle this is a video series I hope you consistently keep up with because its very entertaining and practical for a lot of people out there who want to play casually.

    A niche of the TopCut needs to be in producing content that other pokemon sites don’t cover. You make a video and show a deck list on Yveltal/Darkrai…..meh you can find this on every major site

    But you make videos like these and you attack a wave of clientele that are looking for something different and practical.

    So my advice is to strive to hit this series at least once a week. I mean theres a hundred decks you can put together that are not only cheap, but have the POTENTIAL to do well.

  3. DarthNick

    I’d suggest Raichu/Dugtrio/Flareon for next week! It’s a pretty fun deck, not overly complicated, and can hold it’s own in the meta.

    Also wanna say throwing in the Tirtuoga is quite inspiring, never would’ve thought of that!

  4. djtimid85

    This is a great series Kyle, please keep it up! It’s always fun to hear about interesting decks that are also inexpensive and fun to play. I’ve been playing this Weavile deck (although slightly modified) for a bit now and it’s very fun. Can’t wait for the next one!

  5. NeilK

    Okay, I’d just like to throw some ideas out there for this deck, because I see tons of potential here. I don’t think people playing meta stuff realize exactly how good this deck is. First off, let’s talk about Lopunny FLF a bit. Not as big of an add required as many people might think. I would say a 2-2 line should do wonders here, you don’t really need more than that. Another thing- dark patch will be gone soon, so what do you replace it with? Sacred Ash is a great trainer card that keeps your deck full of pokemon and allows Weavile to hit MUCH harder when used in combination with Ball trainers and Fan Clubs. I’m also surprised that no one has taken advantage of the possibilities with Flareon plasma in this deck. Vilify/Vengeance combo could really take some pressure off of Weavile and make this deck That much harder to deal with. There seems to be a lot of synergy between discarding pokes and hitting with Vengeance. But I’ll admit I don’t know much, this is a deck I’ve only played against a couple times, but it seems like there’s a lot of avenues that really haven’t been explored with it yet. So Pooka and my fellow tcg fans, maybe it’s time to take a harder look at what kind of a punch Weavile can REALLY pack.

    1. 777

      This deck is dead come rotation and the release of FUF.

      It no longer has dark patch to abuse in order to stream your stage 1 main attacker and fighting types are getting a huge amount of support, which doesn’t help that fighting weakness on Weavile.

      1. Rayton Lamb

        How do you know that it will be dead with FUF? It hasnt came out yet, it’s just hype. And can’t you just use exp. share? A worse option but still effective. It’s not dead like toolbox with startling megaphone

        1. 777

          EXP share is more than likely getting rotated.

          Lets face it. Without dark patch (because thats more than likely getting rotated), weavile just doesn’t keep up to speed. I’ve played against the deck in its current state and it struggles at times to keep up the attack even with spamming dark patches. Without dark patch, this deck takes a major hit and becomes much slower. It also means no more sableye either, which further hurts the deck.

          Weavile is a stage 1 with 90 HP and a fighting weakness. Have you been paying attention to the fighting support coming out? This is not good for weavile or dark decks (outside of Yveltal with that fighting resistance). The fighting support is some of the best support i’ve seen a type get since dark explorers. Weavile decks depend on OHKO’s….not going to happen with that focus slash tool for fighting types. Lucario itself eats this deck alive. 1 for 30….and thats not taking into account that you can add on a “strong energy” or a muscle band….theres 100 dmg to weavile for one energy. Uh oh.

          So yes, i’m confident this deck is dead. I commend you for trying to think of it as “alive” because i’d like to see more variety in the format. But lets be real here, it never was much of a deck to begin with. Could it be competitive? Sure. But I haven’t seen it played much, even on ptcgo. Now without that precious dark support that has propelled so many dark decks over the years, it just falls short when you take into account how buffed fighting types are going to be.

          1. Ian Asplund

            Are you completely forgetting about extended format where dark patch will still be legal? I’m not sure this is a SUPER good deck, but it’s at least pretty good, and still useful going forward in extended.

          2. C-Dub

            No i’m basing my posts on rotation and the extended format. In the extended format, this deck gets absolutely CRUSHED by Landorus/garby/fighting support. Landy is broken in the new format and this deck has no chance. While you’re dark patching, Landorus EX is doing 70/30 (not even taking into account laserbank) for 1 energy.