Building on a Budget – Flareon/Raichu/Garbodor!


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Pokémon – 24 Trainers – 26 Energy – 10
4 Eevee 4 Professor Sycamore 6 Fighting Energy
4 Flareon 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Leafeon 3 Colress
3 Pikachu 3 Shauna
3 Raichu 1 Dowsing Machine
2 Trubbish 4 Ultra Ball
2 Garbodor 3 Float Stone
2 Terrakion 3 Silver Bangle
1 Sawk 1 Level Ball
1 Audino

Estimated cost of building the deck from scratch: $50-60

7 responses to “Building on a Budget – Flareon/Raichu/Garbodor!”

  1. C-Dub

    What a great game to demonstrate this deck with Kyle. You just dominated a tier 1 deck that has quite a bit of success at the State Championships the past month.

    I like your deck profile a lot. The Sawk was a smart inclusion that I didn’t even think about. One suggestion that I think would be quite effective is to take out the Audino and put in a Stunfisk LTR. The 20/20 muddy water attack for one fighting energy can be good in so many situations with this deck, but particularly late game if you get really close to KO’ing their pokemon with a vengence, energy crush, or circle circuit attack and leave them with 10-20 HP. If they retreat their weakened pokemon to the bench, you have an answer for that. I think a Stlunfisk adds to the versatility of the deck and has a lot of synergy with the other attackers.

    I think this deck is tier 1. it has a solid matchup across the board against all good decks. What does it to?:


    Blastoise?…Leafeon, along with them not being able to KO 6 non EX pokemon with Black Kyurem EX due to a limited number of resources.

    Plasma?….Sawk, Terrakion for Thundurus and Raichu for Lugia


    Emboar?….might be this deck’s toughest match up, but some well timed attacks and a careful use of energy will help you prevail since you can outlast them by streaming non-EX attackers and making them take 6 prizes.

    This deck’s biggest enemy has to be poor drawing. But thats why you’re playing a large supporter count.

    On a completely unrelated note, I think this deck has nostalgic appeal to those older players who were around for the 150 original pokemon and early trading card game sets like Base Set and Jungle. Flareon and Raichu being the focus of the deck is appealing to many I think and the dirt cheap cost is such a plus.

    Loving this video series! I think its the best one you’ve done so far on the TopCut.

  2. zingy

    Just so everyone knows, this is the deck that Kyle started the season off with! :p That has to tell you something about its playability.

  3. Joe Tonello

    I’m just starting and after watching this video I feel love with the deck, so I went right out and bought it. I also bought a personal deck of Aegislash/Emboar, but i think this is going to be my primary league deck.

  4. Yudra

    Nice! i don’t know which deck to start with! this or the Weaegg deck!

  5. Rogue Deck Swag

    Omg finally I’ve been waiting for a deck that uses trash bags and electric mice

  6. James Gallegos

    Love these cheap decks! Makes for newbies like myself to stand a chance! I’d love to see ya’ll build an Outrage deck and play it… I tried, but I’m not experienced enough lol!

  7. cra2 cra2

    Great post. Just discovered it. 2 comments. 1) being new to pokemon, I didn’t realize some demon from the 66th level of hell decided that the cards should be printed with different text every so often. So, when I went and found all of the cards on your list, I had no idea their powers/abilities varied from series to series and I bought all the wrong cards. Ugh… so now I have to re-buy, doubling the cost of this “budget” deck. Is there a way to avoid such confusion in the future? I mean, when someone says, “this deck uses Evee,” apparently that can mean any one of several different versions of Evee. 2) Another demon in the pokemon organization (on the 99th level of hell) decided that there should be “format” cards that are legal or illegal in competition and that these will change arbitrarily every so often. Sooooo…. let me ask you – is this Flareon deck legal in Standard format? And what are the prospects for it remaining legal into the near future? Thanks again!