Pokémon TCG Online – Tool Drop Deck!


Pokémon – 12 Trainers – 40 Energy – 8
4 Trubbish 4 Professor Juniper 8 Psychic Energy
4 Sigilyph 4 N
2 Surskit 4 Bicycle
2 Masquerain 2 Colress
1 Elesa
4 Exp. Share
4 Silver Mirror
3 Silver Bangle
3 Float Stone
2 Rescue Scarf
1 Life Dew
4 Level Ball
2 Pokémon Catcher
1 Escape Rope
1 Bicycle

4 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Tool Drop Deck!”

  1. Jackson Staerk

    Pooka, a question if I may, if a new player were to play this deck and, since that new surprising megaphone card coming out, wouldn’t Tool Drop be worthless? As a tool drop player, if there is a way to play this deck I would love to keep playing if I could.

    1. Deathbydragon

      In a matchup in which your opponent has a surprise megaphone or two, it’s going to be hard to win. However, I feel tool scrapper is still the superior card, as it allows you to discard your own tools (useful in garbodor decks, but also in decks with multiple kinds of tools, ie. genesect discarding a muscle band for a G Booster). For this reason I think the buzz about surprise megaphone will go down after the first couple weeks, but if it persists in your metagame, it’s time to move on.

      1. 777

        You scrap one of your tools mabye what 1/10 games? Megaphone scraps all of their tools…1, 2, 20, ect.. Tool scrapper IS NOT even close as being as good. Not to mention its getting rotated in August so modified play will have only megaphone left.

        @Jackson: Don’t play the deck…it relies on a gimmick that will get obliterated by an item card that almost all decks will play 1-2 in…..it was different when you played a couple of scrappers and you could only get rid of 2-4 of tooldrop’s tools…but now with megaphone….yikes. Don’t play this deck. Look for something else if you want to be competitive.

        1. Zachary Siddiq

          I think Tool Scrapper will still be played even when surprise megaphone is released. Why? Reiterating Deathbydragon, scrapping your own tools will still be nice for decks, like Genesect. Also, since tool drop decks won’t even be played anymore, there’s no worry of haven’t too little to scrap. Both may be played even when surprise megaphone is released. Anyone who disagrees can feel free to reply back.