Pokémon TCG Online – Zoroark Deck!


Pokémon – 14 Trainers – 35 Energy – 11
4 Zorua 4 Professor Juniper 8 Darkness Energy
3 Zoroark 3 N 3 Double Colorless Energy
2 Yveltal EX 3 Colress
2 Darkrai EX 3 Random Receiver
2 Sableye 1 Computer Search
1 Yveltal 4 Dark Patch
3 Hypnotoxic Laser
3 Ultra Ball
2 Level Ball
2 Virbank City Gym
2 Muscle Band
2 Silver Bangle
2 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter

22 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Zoroark Deck!”

  1. Jackson Staerk

    This is such a powerful deck. Thanks to Yveltal EX and Darkrai EX, as a future darkrai player i am on the lookout for new darkrai variants.

  2. Jimmy Mulligan

    Kyle your videos are great and you’re such a huge inspiration to me as a fellow pokemon player and new TCG Professor. The videos you make are a huge contribution to the game as I see many players at league rocking the newest decks on your stream, lol. I do have a request to see a Turbo Lugia deck because it’s my favorite deck in format and the prospect of picking your brain on it is just too cool not to ask. Well I’ll stop now, lol, thanks again for the videos they really do make me feel like a better player after each one!!

  3. :P

    Whats the current rotation and when will be next rotation?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      The current format is Next Destinies through XY. Nobody knows what the next rotation will be.

      1. Kiernan

        I think the next rotation will be to boundaries crossed. We are already loosing probably the two most powerful cards at the moment (sableye and dark patch) but they’ve been around a while. Computer search and Skyla are relatively new cards and skyla is necessary to so many decks and computer search is arguably the best ace-spec, so to rotate farther wouldn’t help the format at all. They do have to rotate out beach though (probably going to boundaries crossed’s promo arc) which sucks, I have access to beach but new players don’t. I think they should release a promo box or put it in the August set. So many players haven’t had a chance to use it, and it would be bad to rotate it out when some players spent so much money on it. But yeah, I’m guessing they go to boundaries crossed.

        1. 777

          The most logical rotation is actually PLS-On…rotate 4 sets this year after rotating 4 last year…and that sets up another 4 set to be rotated for an XY-On format the following season. The format will be fine without computer search AND Skyla. You can call cards relatively new when they have been out for over a year and a half now. Also, evolution decks have done great in past formats before Skyla and they can do fine without. The format will slow down without dumbpatch come this August so that should help. They should be okay and with Pyroar causing big basic decks to slow down, evolution decks will be on the rise. No need to freak out about Skyla possibly leaving the format..

          1. 777

            Oh I meant to say after rotating 3 sets last year. Opps.

          2. Kiernan

            I feel like it’d only be hurting the format, taking out Skyla and computer search. We’ll see, I guess

          3. chappo

            777 They didnt rotate 4 sets last year they rotates Base Set Noble Victories and Emerging Powers last rotation.

      2. Jordan Pugh

        The rotation is most likely to rotate out NXD-PLB and leave LTR in. I’m guessing that’s why pokemon put cards like Darkrai EX and Mewtwo EX and many others in LTR to keep them in the format. Its unlikely that they will rotate all of BW since there will only be 3 sets legal for the start of the next season but rotating to PLB will still leave many useful cards in format, some of which may have synergy with upcoming cards.

        1. 777

          What you said is pretty ridiculous. I have heard nobody talking about a possibility of rotating 7 sets like that. I have no idea what you are basing that assumption on because theres really no precedent for doing so. That seems very improbable.

  4. Francisco Garrido Harvey

    4 zorua and 3 Zoroark ?, nice deck

  5. Chris

    I really like the idea for this deck! My only questions are: can i run this w/o the level ball and would it affect the deck any if instead of putting the sableyes in i just switched them out for another yveltal non ex and one more zoroark?

  6. burbs

    Thank you for posting this. This has been such a good deck for me. I’ve had a 76% success rate with it online. Unfortunately I didn’t have Computer Search, so I put in Tool Scrapper instead. That’s worked out really well for me. I can’t wait to try it at league.

  7. Chris

    Why only 1 professors letter?

    1. i like g booster

      using ultra ball, sycamore/juniper and other stuff discards enough energy so that he can use dark patch, prof’s letter isn’t as useful, as you can’t dark patch from your hand

  8. Andrew

    I really like the look of this deck. The concept of Zoroark hitting for 180 wasn’t well known until this popped up, but I feel the deck only has a surprise factor, and that’s it. Still an interesting deck, and congrats to Kevin for having success with the deck

  9. Rogue Deck Swag

    Kyle me and swagger d swaggerhound really enjoy what you do at the top cut

  10. Swagger D. Swaggerhound

    I like this Baxter. Sounds like swagster.

  11. ethan

    is there a way I could just buy this deck list?

  12. ethan

    Can anyone give me some ideas on good cards to replace the darkrai and yveltal ex, they are too expensive for me )=

  13. Chris

    How would this do, however, in the new format with furious fists now a legal set?