Building on a Budget – Garchomp/Altaria!


Pokémon – 20 Trainers – 30 Energy – 10
4 Gible 4 Professor Sycamore 5 Fighting Energy
4 Gabite 4 N 4 Blend WLFM Energy
4 Garchomp 3 Colress 1 Water Energy
4 Swablu 3 Shauna
4 Altaria 1 Dowsing Machine
4 Level Ball
3 Silver Bangle
3 Rare Candy
2 Pokémon Catcher
2 Super Rod
1 Escape Rope

Estimated cost of building the deck from scratch: $70

12 responses to “Building on a Budget – Garchomp/Altaria!”

  1. PokedadEddie

    Love this deck since my son used it to win his first battle roads back when it first came out.

  2. Matthew

    Mewtow attacks for 5,120 in 1 move!!!!!!
    Check it out and comment!!!

  3. Guest

    do a blastoise Yveltal deck please. it is a very good deck.

  4. Jonathan Berg

    Mr. Sucevich,

    Long time fan, first time writer. Your videos are always incredibly informative and I love that you talk through your thought process as you play. I know I’ve become a better player by hearing one of the best to touch the game think through his turns.

    Like anyone else, I have a deck suggestion for you. I recently got trashed by this bad boy. Greninja/Sableye. Your goal is to set up 4 ninjas and 2 sableye’s. With superior energy retrieval, this player did 120 a turn to whatever he wanted, followed by a junk hunt, usually for the retrieval and an enhanced or crushing hammer to keep me from ever really getting a KO. With an Exeggcute in hand, he never ran out of cards for the discard, either. Once it was all in play, I literally had no say in the game. Just laid back and watched the magic. He also used life dew as his ace spec, which would have made me take 12 prizes to win off the sableyes, since anytime I knocked one out, he would hunt it back. He also ran laser and virbank for late in the game when he didn’t need his tropical beach to set up anymore, along with super rods, just in case he needed anything back.

    Thinks it’s something you might give a whirl online? It seemed pretty strong, though he may just have had a strong start against me. It seems like it might be clunky to set up, but he certainly worked it well.

    Many thanks for all you do for the community. Hope you get that position as a Play! Pokemon commentator.


  5. ecliastee

    I made this deck but I always have to redraw at the beginning because I don’t have any basic pokemon… and my opponent choose to draw a card and I go about 2-3 redraws until I have at least one basic pokemon. Are there any basic pokemon I can add? Also, does anyone have any other cards they think that work well with this deck?

  6. Andrew

    A decent pokemon you could add to this list would be a Landorus EX to put on some pressure early game.

  7. C-Dub

    The problem that I have with this deck and promoting it is that Dragon’s Exalted will be (99% sure) rotated here in about 3 months or so. I would advise against investing in it unless you’re content with playing it in the standard modified format for another 3 months, which includes maybe a few league challenges and nationals? It would be more economical to invest in a deck that will be around for at least another season. If you’re looking to play in the upcoming “unlimited” format then thats a different story. But for the most part I would look elsewhere for a budget deck.


    Kyle please put your Flashfire review on this site so I can comment on it. I don’t have a twitter or youtube account to post comments and I watched the vid you posted there on May 1st….so i’ve been itching to comment on what you said in that set review.

    And when will there be another TopCut podcast again? It seems like its been at least 4-5 months now. I miss listening to your thoughts/rants on random ptci topics.

    1. joshua

      why would you think DRX will rotate out soon? what sets would rotate and what ones would stick around?

    2. Kiwoui

      false , altaria & garchomp was avaliable next season cause of Shiny altaria and New garchmomp :) but loosing dragon call was really bad :(

  8. Rogue Deck Swag

    Garchomp supports

  9. Swagger D. Swaggerhound

    The one thing that matters to me in my life is your voice pooka, I loove inn mie lif.

  10. Christian

    2 cards that work well in this deck I think are Lysandre’s Trump Card and Jirachi EX