Pokémon TCG XY Flashfire Set Review!


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  1. joshua

    very well done.i agreed with you on most of this. too bad about mega pokes getting increasingly unplayable…the artwork is pretty nice.

  2. Zachary Siddiq

    I see some potential with the M Charizard (13/106) Paired with Inferno Fandago Emboar. Sure, 300 damage is overkill, but it would be fun to see charizard actually win some tournaments. Anybody agree?

    1. jacob

      id agree if keldeo, blastoise, plasma kyurem and empoleon didnt exist. all things that can one shot the big guy. all things that are popular at the moment and they can all attack on the turn theyre played :(

      1. Zachary Siddiq

        Nice comments. I forgot to talk about the protection cube and how it really helps M Charizard out. I agree that M Charizard, while good, just has too much going against him right now to find a spot in competitive play. *Sigh* I guess we’ll still be waiting for that playable Charizard card…

        1. 777

          Look at my other comments above about the Dragon-type Charizard in Emboar. Why wouldn’t it work just as well, if not better than the M fire type Charizard? You just have to run a few dark energies and you get the benefit of having a fairy weakness, 10 more HP, and an attack that doesn’t hurt itself so no need for protect cube. Rayboar already runs electric and fire for Rayquaza…so why not change it to dark and fire for this Charizard? Yeah I get the M evolution rule being a downfall, but its one turn. Get set up, use a Lysandre or two, you don’t have to discard energy like on Rayquaza, and KO their EX’s.

          1. Zachary Siddiq

            The deck sounds like it has some potential 777! The 5 discard is a killer though. If you set up quick, however, and have lysandre, the game could be over in just a few turns. If they ever come out with a card that nullifies discarding cards from you deck due to a pokemon’s attack (Kind of like the protection cube, but with discarding cards) this deck could be quite good.

          2. 777

            Well you can always run 2 super rods or 2 sacred ash since you run a somewhat high amount of pokemon in the deck (14-16). You can shuffle those back in if they’re part of the 5 discard. This isn’t a remedy but its helps alleviate that drawback a little bit.

            No matter the list, I think this deck would have to utilize 3 Lysandre and one or two pal pad to get them out of your discard. You NEED to have them available to drag out those EXs and scorch them for 300.

            Personally, I don’t play Emboar, have never played it, and won’t be playing it even with this (IMO nice combo with the dragon-type Charizard EX). I just like discussing the idea and strats with others because its good for the game to have a variety of new decks that are being used in competitive play.

          3. joshua

            fairies are too popular atm for this card to be good imo. and a xerneas (the non ex one) with a muscle band one-shots this guy. i love charizard but neither of these cards are ever going to be competitive.

          4. 777

            Fairies are too popular? What? Where has Xerneas EX been played a lot? I haven’t seen it and it hasn’t won any tournaments since the release of XY. Aromatise decks don’t really use Xerneas EX and they sometimes use the non-EX Xerneas to get energy into play. Those decks use a bunch of different attackers…but I haven’t seen Xerneas EX in those lists. So…I don’t know what you’re basing that assertion on.

            A fairy weakness is good to have at the moment. Show me results that disprove what I just said.

          5. 777

            Also, who attacks with the non-EX Xerneas. It takes 3 energy to do 100 damage and you have to discard. If you’re loading that up with a muscle band and attacking with it, then you’re probably doing something wrong because there are many better options.

    2. C-Dub

      I think the Dragon-type Charzard has the most potential, especially with Emboar. Just as you currently play a fire/electric energy split, you switch that to fire/dark for this Charizard. Plus it doesn’t have the dreaded water weakness. And it doesn’t hurt itself. Yeah the 5 discard is rough, but the idea is that you’re doing 300 to an EX and trying to end the game somewhat quickly once set up.

      1. Krutarth Dave

        combine that with red signal or lysandre and you can easily take 2 prizes per turn. biggest factor would be pyroar or suicune.

        1. 777

          Well M Charizard or any M evolutions can damage Pyroar. Suicune could in fact be a problem but a Reshiram LTR can take care of that.

          1. ApokemonTrader

            I believe that Suicune is not protected from Mega EX’s attacks either, I’m not 100% on that though

          2. SaffronKhan

            I don’t think so, since they are still EX.

  3. C-Dub

    Kyle I like what you said for the most part in your review:

    I agree that Druddigon will be a great card in the near future and it makes Blastoise/Emboar decks rethink their strategy a bit considering that they’re giving up 2 prizes a game from a revenge. And its not like Druddigon is easily taken out after it revenge-KO’s with that 110 HP and fairy (not dragon weakness)

    Pyroar will also be a spectacular card that people will figure out how to use in an optimized list running the torchsmith engine. The ability hard counters the format of the past 2+ years. This is not Garchomp/Altaria….this is a stage one, 110 hp pokemon with fire support. Pair it up with Mewtwo EX and a tech Druddigon for Latias EX and you have a formidable deck that has no bad matchups.

    I think you’re overlooking Kangy and M Kangy a bit though:

    Kangy EX has triple draw. This is amazing t1-t2 and this is the best EX that has a M evolution at the moment.

    M Kangy EX – It only cost 3 energy and its colorless. You can splash this card in any deck. Look at the energy costs of the other M evolutions at the moment. They don’t even compare. I think this is the best and most playable M evolution in the game right now. You could easily throw in a 2-1 line in any decks that use DCEs and you instantly have a great early game set-up pokemon as well as a 230 HP out to pyroar. I could see this making its way into plasma for that reason alone. Or it could be used in tank fairy decks.

    Overall, I agree with you about Flashfire being an underwhelming set. I mean theres more water pokemon and other types than Fire! WTF. And most cards just arn’t good enough and seem to be filler. I think there are a few pokemon that shake up the format, but the set seems to lack depth severely.

  4. Rogue Deck Swag

    dank you for reviewing my internet no work so i can no go to pokebeach

  5. Swagger D. Swaggerhound

    oh may gord pooka is sooo hoot like i lok at him and it maakes me lik eburn up lik a flahfire