Bad Deck Monday – MEGA Charizard EX!


Pokémon – 15 Trainers – 32 Energy – 13
2 Charizard EX (Fire Blast) 4 Professor Juniper 7 Fire Energy
2 Charizard EX (Combustion Blast) 4 N 4 Double Colorless Energy
2 Mega Charizard EX (Crimson Dive) 3 Blacksmith 2 Darkness Energy
2 Mega Charizard EX (Wild Blaze) 3 Fiery Torch
2 Druddigon 2 Skyla
1 Celebi EX 1 Lysandre
1 Jirachi EX 1 Tropical Beach
1 Victini 1 Dowsing Machine
1 Sigilyph 2 Protection Cube
1 Suicune 2 Hard Charm
2 Ultra Ball
2 EvoSoda
2 Switch
2 Professor’s Letter
1 Super Rod

4 responses to “Bad Deck Monday – MEGA Charizard EX!”

  1. CharizardLikesChez

    I love this. Charizard FTW!

  2. Rogue Deck Swag

    Charizard knows that I’m pookas favorite #pookasfavorite

  3. C-Dub

    Crimson Dive for threeeeeeeehundred! lol

    I don’t know if I agree with you Kyle when you say the M Charizards are “bad.” They arn’t spectacular by any means only because they are slow to powe rup and evolve. They also have bad drawbacks to their attacks. But if you get one set up and your opponent isn’t prepared to take it down in one or two turns then its probably GG, especially if they are playing the all-too-often EX reliant deck like there has been in the past 2+ years of the format.

    And I disagree about the fire type being better than the Dragon type Mega. 10 more hp, a much better weakness, and an attack effect that you don’t need a tool card attached to negate is pretty good. Just play 2 sacred ashes to get back pokemon that get discarded from that effect. Or play 2 super rods. Sure you will discard other good stuff sometimes, but doing 300 can end the game quickly.

    Entertaining game, nonetheless.

  4. Sean Ball

    Mega Charizard/ Pyroar is really dangerous vs many decks in the format that only relies on Basic Pokemon, so adding Pyroar in it will come one of the most dangerous decks this year.