Pokémon TCG Online – Mega Kangaskhan/Aromatisse!


Pokémon – 18 Trainers – 30 Energy – 12
3 Spritzee 4 Skyla 11 Fairy Energy
2 Aromatisse 4 N 1 Double Colorless Energy
2 Kangaskhan EX 3 Colress
2 Mega Kangaskhan EX 2 Pokémon Fan Club
2 Xerneas 2 Professor Juniper
1 Jirachi EX 1 Lysandre
1 Xerneas EX 1 Dowsing Machine
1 Swirlix 3 Fairy Garden
1 Slurpuff 3 Max Potion
1 Druddigon 2 Ultra Ball
1 Victini 2 Level Ball
1 Mewtwo EX 2 Muscle Band
1 Startling Megaphone

10 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Mega Kangaskhan/Aromatisse!”

  1. Rogue Deck Swag

    This deck reminds me of kangaroos

  2. C-Dub

    This deck will be formidable well into the near future because of how tanky it can be with the power and versatility of M Kangaskhan EX. This was the card that Aromatise decks were waiting for I think. Because blend and prism energy will be rotating this fall, the deck needed a new direction instead of the “toolbox” version that plays a bunch of special energy and uses attackers of all types.

  3. Sidney Barber

    So tanky. The deck is just brill

  4. Neil Klima

    this deck is dead with furious fist imo. Lucario EX/Strong energy/muscle band OHKO.

    1. Neil Klima

      well, i wont say OHKO, my math is off. but it still hits heavy enough to dust off Kang EX easy. Even Solrock XY with a Muscle Band 2 shots it. and thats 120 on turn one for one colorless. I know Solrock isnt meta, but with good matchups against Kang EX and Thundy, I kind of felt like it deserves a mention.

      1. Tax_Collector

        A LOT of things 2 shot Mega Kangaskhan EX -_-, this is nothing new.

    2. Darkstripe2

      #1 no one is going to play lucario. it sux.
      #2 this probably wasn’t meant to be a competitive deck anyway.
      #3 thundy is also dead with the release of pyroar.

      1. Jake Oleson

        lucario decks are stupidly consistant. and the damage ramp is insane

  5. axell

    maybe u should pick out victini ,swirlix,and slurpuff and put suicune +sigilyph

  6. AnJaFrIv

    Malamar-EX could make a fantastic tech in here once it’s released, you just place an energy on Malamar, get a sleep and then move the energy where you want it