Bad Deck Monday – Barbaracle Deck!


Pokémon – 17 Trainers – 33 Energy – 10
4 Binacle 4 Professor Juniper 10 Fighting Energy
4 Barbaracle 4 N
2 Feebas 3 Skyla
2 Milotic 2 Colress
1 Voltorb 1 Dowsing Machine
1 Electrode 4 Professor’s Letter
1 Jirachi EX 4 Superior Energy Retrieval
1 Mr. Mime 3 Ultra Ball
1 Exeggcute 2 Level Ball
2 Silver Bangle
1 Muscle Band
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Super Rod
1 Switch

4 responses to “Bad Deck Monday – Barbaracle Deck!”

  1. James Gallegos

    Love how he asks “bad deck monday?” haha… great game

  2. C Howell

    I beat pooka that Monday night using this deck, I don’t remember what I played though-
    Pooka, do you remember? I’m evil_milk (I know of you, just didn’t know it was you when we played couple of weeks ago). Enjoyed our game, your name stuck out and friend help me put 2 and 2 together.
    Pramawat was my first real tourney opponent last year in the 1st round of Nats (he beat me):)

  3. Ethan Desautels

    Could I suggest the next Bad Deck Monday deck? It’s incredibly silly! =D “Lucario PLS/Milotic FLF”

  4. Kjjamer5

    Hey, a fun deck coming out of FUF is if you play the “Bat” line with dimensional valley. Then they basically for no energy just rack up random damage. Maybe add in like Mewtwo EX. Just made it up, might play it for fun, or make a fool of myself at Grinder