Pokémon TCG Online – Genesect/Raichu Deck!


Pokémon – 13 Trainers – 34 Energy – 13
4 Virizion EX 4 Skyla 9 Grass Energy
3 Genesect EX 4 N 4 Plasma Energy
3 Pikachu 3 Professor Juniper
2 Raichu 2 Shadow Triad
1 Jirachi EX 1 Colress
3 Muscle Band
3 Ultra Ball
3 Skyarrow Bridge
2 Enhanced Hammer
1 Colress Machine
1 Level Ball
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Super Rod
1 G Booster

9 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Genesect/Raichu Deck!”

  1. Ilovedurant

    It’s another good video, As expected from the Top cut team. However, I do have some questions about some choices you made in that list :
    -you play 2 enhanced hammer for 1 megaphone. Is the gain from using 2 hammers really superior than using a combination such 2 megaphones for 1 hammer ,versus crucial matchups like plasma, straight yveltal or garbo variants ?
    – you didn’t play town map either. Did you feel it missing in your deck, or could you play fine without it ?
    -You did play Jirachi EX, but you know that roserade is also a viable option. What made you choose Jirachi over Roserade ?
    – the juniper count is a little different, 3 instead of 4 in most decks. Is this a choice you made to keep your deck more big, in order to keep your energy in the deck longer ?

    Aside from the video, I find amazing the overall good level of your plays, in a number of completely differents decks (Genesect, militank or more exotic decks). It must be good to play with you at tournaments.

  2. huskeyeskimo

    Thanks as always for posting this. Looks like your energy switch got let off the trainers list.

  3. Alexander


    When i am counting the Trainers i get 31 , not 34 that are shown on the top of the trainers.
    Is something missing?

  4. Dawson Greene

    Would mewtwo EX work out in this deck?

    1. Zachary Siddiq

      I can see Mewtwo in here, either through emerald slashing energy to him on the bench or adding some DCE in the deck.

      1. Rayton Lamb

        Virizion Mewtwo is a whole different archetype

        1. Zachary Siddiq

          That is true, but 1 Mewtwo certainly won’t hurt the deck. I think it could be helpful against the upcoming Lucario EX.

  5. gh1

    I want to play virgen but do you think it will be rotated next season since I don’t want to waste a lot of money just for one season. any help would be appreciated

    1. 777

      Its probably likely that it will be XY-On considering they have rotated a measly 3 sets the past two seasons now. I think they are due for a big 5 set rotation. It would make sense considering that it is the start of a new block of cards. In the end though, who the hell knows with pokemon. I (along with a lot of people) thought it would be PLS-On and not BCR this season but we were wrong.