Pokémon TCG Online – Mega Venusaur/Floette!


Pokémon – 17 Trainers – 33 Energy – 10
4 Flabébé 4 N 10 Grass Energy
4 Floette 3 Professor Juniper
2 Venusaur EX 3 Skyla
2 Mega Venusaur EX 3 Colress
2 Virizion EX 2 Lysandre
2 Tropius 1 Tropical Beach
1 Shaymin EX 1 Dowsing Machine
2 Hard Charm
2 Super Rod
2 Evosoda
2 Level Ball
2 Ultra Ball
1 Heavy Ball
1 Switch
1 Escape Rope
1 Professor’s Letter
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Energy Switch

14 responses to “Pokémon TCG Online – Mega Venusaur/Floette!”

  1. C-Dub

    I feel like this deck is deceivingly good. It has a clear strategy that is formidable to overcome simply by evolving some stage 1s and getting energy into play. Yeah, it is a slow deck, but it is hard to beat when you are crisis vining your way to victory with a 250+ hp M Venasaur. I like the inclusion of Tropius and Shaymin. With Virizion, your opponent can’t spam laserbank to beat you, which is a definite plus.

    There is another way to offset the weakness aside from Leaveny: Plasma energies and Plasma Frigate. While you are at it, throw in a Genesect EX to use simply for red signaling.

    So if you are concerned about Charizard/Fire decks owning you, then make the following changes and I think it will help:

    – 1 Tropical Beach

    – 1 Professors Letter

    – 2 Heavy Ball

    – 2 Grass Energy

    – 1 Shaymin

    + 2 Plasma Frigate

    + 4 Plasma Energy

    + 1 Genesect EX

    I know. I know. This COULD make the deck a little less consistent and its not always possible to have plasma frigate out there with a plasma energy on your M Venasuar….but its a possible route for the deck to alleviate that fire weakness a little bit. Plus, you get the benefit of having genesect sitting on your bench to manually attach a plasma energy and red signal something out for your beastly M Venasuar to destroy.

    Solid vid. I like watching this on BDM and I think it MIGHT be good enough for competitive play, especially when the format slows down after rotation.

  2. Glen

    What about throwing a Milotic in to help with energy acceleration from the discard pile. 3 Grass energy is huge once the first Venusaur is knocked out.

    1. Kwon

      Milotic cannot attatch energy to ex pokemon. If it is able, oh oh deck will become really great again.

  3. Heather

    I feel it’s an okay deck it just needs a little tweaking. It needs more energy. It also needs more pokemon who can deal with fire pokemon. So it doesn’t go down in flames. I’m not sure the evosodas are needed. I think if your using hard charms you need four. I think Shaymin is the better choice over Shaymin with Genesect you then have to figure out how to fit plasma energy into the deck. ( that is more of a pain). Removing the evosodas opens two spots for 2 more hard charms. I think there needs to be four more spots 2 more for grass pokemon ( that are not weak to fire) and 2 more for energy.

  4. Pyroar

    Pyroar Likes this Decklist….

    1. Neil Klima

      pyroar isnt good enough to even be mentioned anymore unless you run Mega Y. Venusaur loaded will stomp it all day XD

  5. C-Dub

    So if you glance at the scans for the next set, you can instantly see how this deck gets much better than it already is.

    Herb Energy: “This card can only be attached to a [G] Pokemon. Heal 30 damage from the Pokemon you attach this card to. As long as this card is attached to a [G] Pokemon it provides 1 [G] Energy. Discard this card if the Pokemon this card is attached to is no longer [G].”

    This makes Venusaur even more of a tank.

    The other helpful card is Training Center (a stadium): “All Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokemon’s maximum HP is increased by 30.”

    This gives your Venusaur another 30 HP on top of all of those HP boosts from Floette. Its possible to have a M Venusar EX with 340 HP now! Of course this would be with all 4 floettes on the bench, which might be a little unreasonable to get out. I think 3 is very probably in a game though, so 320 HP is also not too bad. The stadium also gives Floette 100 HP instead of 70.

    Think about a Venusar with that much HP, immune to status conditions with Virizion on the bench, and a hard charm attached. What a monster that would be to face in a game!

    I think this deck takes off after rotation.

    1. sujith

      training center dosent affec venusaur about it isnt a stage 1 its mega

  6. Neil Klima

    I wonder how well Kecleon PLF would do with this

  7. ...

    megas are not stage 1s they are megas

    1. C-Dub

      I guess you are right. I always assumed they would be classified as stage 1s but they do say Mega above it. I never thought about that or noticed it until now. Maybe I was confused since it is an evolved pokemon. So….oops!

      Well my point about the Herb energy still stands. It can potentially save your Venusuar from a 2 hit KO.

      1. Jake Oleson

        However stadium wise you could use mountain ring to block stuff like the blaziken from the new set. A sniper style card could wreak havoc with this deck.

  8. Neil Klima

    this deck is amazing as is….i built a diff version of it, no virizion ex cause i didnt have any but i ran a ton of escape ropes and quite frankly shaymin ex can do a lot of damage late game, it really makes your opponent pick their poison. Shaymin BCR does help this deck immensely as a starter pokemon and that CFF makes your evosodas a worthwhile play.

  9. scooter

    take out tropius,shaymin, level and heavy balls for 2,0,2 line of dusknoir, FF and herbal energyX4