Giveaway: Yveltal EX and Xerneas EX Tins!


Want to get your hands on a few of the Legends of Kalos tins featuring Yveltal EX and Xerneas EX? Well, you can in our giveaway! Two lucky winners will receive both of the tins! Each tin includes a Xerneas EX or Yveltal EX Promo card, 4 booster packs, and a code to unlock the Promo on Pokémon TCG Online. This is a great opportunity to start off a collection or get some cards for an awesome deck.

What do you have to do to enter? Just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite Pokémon is and why. That’s it! Be sure to use a real account, not a guest one. That way we’ll know how to contact you if you win. On May 31st, we’ll choose two winners at random. This contest is open only to those living in North America.

Good luck!

TPCi is not the giveaway sponsor nor coordinator, nor has any formal association with the contest, but is a supplier of the product.

265 responses to “Giveaway: Yveltal EX and Xerneas EX Tins!”

  1. Conritter

    My favorite is Galvantula! Electric/Bug is a nice unique type and its yellow and blue colors are so cool!

  2. caban

    My favorite is Pikachu… you cant go wrong with him.

  3. Tara

    I’ve always like Heracross! Being a strong and agile bug type is cool.

  4. Larry H.

    My favorite Pokémon is Reuniclus. Its design is unique and interesting, and its baby-face is adorable.

  5. Andrew Reynolds

    I have to say that my favorite Pokemon is Charizard. It goes back to being a kid. I always choice Charmander since I alway was drawn to Fire-Type Pokemon. Of course as it grew it got cooler till finally it became Charizard. Then when I got into the cards, It was the one card I wanted but was never able to get. It was also the pokemon I built my deck around in the Pokemon TCG video game and when I first played in a tournament.

  6. JD Knee

    Jirachi is my favorite. Very majestic and cute.

  7. KingsGaming

    My Favorite Pokémon is either Snorlax or Munchlax <3 The unrespected ones are the best!

  8. Gaby Caloca

    My favourite Pokemon is Wailord because he looks cool like a whale, he’s big, his sprite in Pokemon X and Y is really cool and well done. He’s also tall and big like me(don’t judge :P)

  9. Jesse Jesus Tapia

    My favorite pokemon is Squirtle because his my turtle! Plus his blue my favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is turtles.

  10. Michael Martin

    Tyranitar is my favorite pokemon. He is just so awesome and has always been my favorite Dark Pokemon.

  11. Ian Williams

    My favorite Pokemon is Swampert because I started with Emerald and Mudkip was my starter. I hope a good Swampert card would be made that would be cool.

  12. sdrawkcab

    Zapdos is easily my favorite pokemon. Going all the way back to red/blue, he was the first Legendary pokemon I caught and easily the coolest looking.

  13. Rudy paras

    My favorite pokemon is Yanma because dragonflys are awesome! Plus he’d would be my favorite pokemon to have in real life! (Also his neo genesis art is the best I’ve seen in a long time )

  14. Joe Popino

    My favorite pokemon is deoxys. I love space/astronomy and he’s the space pokemon! Plus the battle he had with rayquaza in the destiny deoxys was the most epic ever!

  15. Ian Asplund (Raen)

    My favorite Pokemon eh? That’s not easy to narrow down, but one of my favorites would probably be Uxie. For some reason, Uxie grew on me as a side effect of my playing it in some of my first competitive TCG decks back in 2011. The power of that card really changed my perception of how Pokemon was played, and helped me realize the importance of draw and consistancy, and as a consequence, I ended up really liking the Pokemon itself, too.

  16. Mike Davies

    My favorite pokemon is munchlax it is just flippin adorable. I don’t have any other reason for it. I love him so much.

  17. Tash Solangi

    For sure it’s Reshiram! My son’s first card he traded for, and we’ve been hooked ever since!

  18. Kevin Nguyen

    Favorite? Gotta be eelektrik. Dynamotor (rip) is the first competitive deck I played and I still love it today. It could be used in a big electric basic deck, or just a plain RayEels. Hopefully they bring it back in some way or a card similar to it but the NV 40/101 will stay in my heart forever

  19. K Rizzle

    Favorite’s Quagsire because he’s super derpy and is probably the only Pokemon I could relate to lol.

  20. Connor Lambson

    My favorite Pokemon is hariyama, i really love the sumo wrestler look.

  21. Evan Gunsolus

    My favorite would be gengar, was my favorite since i was a little kid and was just simple and awesome

  22. Andy Hartkopf

    Favorite Pokemon, My favorite Pokemon of all time would have to Charizard. I know this is a cop out answer, but Charizard when i grew up with all of the school kids around me was a real terror when it came to playing early on not only did Charizard land me some wins it got me to interact with my friends who i still have today all and all because of Charizard i was able to be social with all of my soon to be friends at the time.

  23. Chibihobo

    My favourite Pokémon is Aegislash. I Love the typing, the design and the psychology of King’s Sheild

  24. Nom Maxx

    My favorite pokemon has got to be cubone. I still remember how in the pokemon kanto region games he lost his mother. That always made me feel sad for him. He is also very cute considering I haven’t seen him without his bone mask.

  25. Henry Tapia

    Crawdaunt all the way, that little guy has saved me many times in battles, greninja may be the new water type master but crawdaunt will always be my favorite.

  26. Erik Martinez

    Mine would be Dito hes little cute and slimy you look at once and you wouldnt give it a second glance but in the end if desides to battle itll become whatever it once even the very pokemon it battles to be able to mourff like all its enemy but after the battle is won or lose itll always find its way back to its true for.. the day you compare your self if the day you lose you identity.

  27. Tony Wong

    Victini is clearly OP. First of all he’s the victory Pokémon! To have him on your team is pretty much winning. Secondly his TCG appearances have been amazing. Victory Star is great and Turbo Energize is the best energy acceleration in the game. Lastly he’s just so darn cute! Clearly Victini :)

  28. Mike

    My favorite is Dunsparce. How can you not love that guy? He’s super silly looking and he’s got those adorable wings. Not to mention that little drill tail!

  29. Parker Reeves

    Minccino is my favorite! It was just so cute that it actually made me buy a chinchilla in real life!

  30. Matthew H

    Zorua is my favorite pokemon. N was my favorite charecter they have ever put in the pokemon games and Zorua/Zoroark are commonly associated with N. Also Zorua is much more adorable than Zoroark

  31. Erik Estrada

    Being new to pokemon tcg for only 3 weeks i’m going with Aromatisse.
    It’s so pink and cute and darn hard to find. It also has a great ability that’s hard not to want in your deck. 100 plus packs and nothing. So although I don’t own it YET I will be very happy the day I do find it.

  32. Dane_Carlson

    My favorite Pokemon is Empoleon. Though my first cards were the Torterra theme deck from Diamond & Pearl, I remember seeing Empoleon in the TV show and chose Piplup as my starter in my first video game, Platinum, where I managed to evolve and raise him to Lv. 100. Empoleon is an unusual dual type in Water/Metal, and can learn Flying-type moves, too. Empoleon has also seen a fair amount of success in the TCG as well, with Empoleon DP from 2007, Empoleon MD from 2008, and Empoleon DEX at varying times between 2012 (its release)-2014. On top of all this, Piplup is extremely cute. 😀

    tl;dr empoleon is awesome

  33. Cristian Buragina

    My favourite Pokémon would have to be Klefki, mostly because he doesn’t get a whole lot of love in the vgc and in general and even I have a shiny Klefki that I found in a horde myself and I actually loved it

  34. Christian Wisneski

    If I has to pick a favorite(which isn’t an easy task) I’d have to go with Cyndaquil. With Voltorb being a close second. It goes back to when I was in preschool and my mom got me a Cyndaquil plush. After that I became hooked on Pokemon. It’s surprising because all these years later I am finally getting quite interested and competitive in the TCG aspect. Kinda ironic how Cyndaquil and Voltorb aren’t very good in the TCG haha. I guess I prefer the older Pokemon more. Bad case of nostalgia it seems.

  35. Zachary Bayne

    Sudowoodo, because he’s a trixy hobbit that acts like a tree just standing there, but he’s not.

  36. Zachary Siddiq

    (Just making sure, does my account have the necessary information?) If it doesn’t, if somebody reply back with what I need, that would be great)
    Without a doubt, my favorite Pokémon is Lucario. I love his design, his move aura sphere (In the video games), how he can mega evolve, and that he is a playable character in super smash bros brawl. I’ll always choose Lucario!

  37. Stephan Power Move Blake

    Leafeon. I started playing back in 2008, and have been having so much fun and making so many amazing memories playing Pokemon. And it was all because someone gave me a Leafeon MD theme deck holo.

  38. Kurt Garrett

    My favorite pokemon is Rapidash. Its majestic and beautiful. I love Rapidash’s debut episode, episode 33 The Flame Pokemon_athon! Im collecting Rapidash cards from the new flashfire set I have two binder pages full front and back, not to mention the ponytas. I was happy to find out Rapidash was going to be in Flashfire its been 4 years since Rapidash has been on a card. While Rapidash is not a competitive card, I love it and play with it in a casual deck with my friends. Its attack agility combined with fliptini plus laserbank and dragalge, Rapidash has a great role in trolling my friends in casual play.

  39. Jose

    My favrite pokemon is Houndoom. I simply love his design which I believe was based off the dog breed, dobermann pinscher. I was amazed by his first apperance on the pokemon tv show, and him being dark/fire. Due to his type he had a very good variety of attacks. In the tcg most of his cards came with amazing art.

  40. Gary Kyon Magenta Robbins

    Jirachi is my favorite. Anything in the world that can help good wishes in peoples hearts come true is magically amazing in my book. <3

  41. LaLo Hernández

    Clefairy its my favorite! Since i play the red version on game boy, its pink cute and strong 😀 and its withney partner my favorite gym leader :)

  42. Jose

    hitmonlee. because he is the kicking pokemon and he is based on bruce lee

  43. Kyle Weakley

    My favorite is probably Entei. He was the first legendary I got in the Video game (I was off to catch lugia and he came along, so I decided to use my masterball), and he was also the first EX I used at a tournament.

  44. Sean Farley

    My favorite pokemon is cyndaquil because when I was little and the second generation came out I liked cyndaquil and when my parents banned pokemon in our house for many years due to something my brother did, I had no interaction with pokemon for a while but I always remembered cyndaquil.

  45. Joe Tonello

    My favorite is spoink, because not only do I like pigs, but that little guy can defy freaking physics and stick a wailmer on his head and still be okay and act like nothing is going on.

  46. Caleb Johnson

    My favorite is Gengar! It was one of the coolest and scariest pokemon when I was growing up and I loved playing it in the card game and video game! It may be fragile but it will scare you out of your whole strategy! :)

  47. Mark McDonald

    Charizard, despite this being such a common choice for people charizard reigns with this honor for a number of reasons. 1. When I was exactly 10 years old I sent a heartfelt and grammatically incorrect letter to pokemon expressing my love for the franchise and telling them how impoverished I unfortunately was given my mother being financially unable to purchase me the cards/games. Pokemon in turn sent me a plush charizard and responded with a letter saying, and I quote “we appreciate your love for pokemon and you have the heart of a champion which will carry your through any battle”. From that day on charizard was my favorite and that gesture gave me motivation to venture out as an adolescent and cut grass, shovel snow, carry groceries in order to afford my red version. This is so dynamic and resonated so immensely with me because it literally set the tone of how I would approach life going into adulthood with a “can do” attitude. Also charizard was strong, had the desire to topple any opposition while acknowledging weakness. Hopefully this explanation is worthy.

  48. PwnzorProd

    My favorite pokemon is Blastoise, the reason is that when I was really little I had red version and I originally chose Charmander as my starter. After getting to the first gym leader (Brock) I could not beat him because the only pokemon I had was Charmander, so later I ended up getting Leaf Green and when I chose my starter I asked my brother what was super effective against rock. He told me water so I chose Squirtle and then Blastoise became my favorite pokemon.

  49. Allan Xu

    My favorite Pokemon is Garchomp. I always thought that it was really cool when i first watched the show, it was in my favorite deck of all time, Luxchomp (which has gotten me more achievements than any other deck), and it was on both VGC teams I uses to top 4 regionals. Looking back, Garchomp was always a pokemon that was by my side at every step of my journey.

  50. Bullados

    Feraligatr. Because he was my first (marginally) successful deck in the Pokemon TCG, back when Downpour was still a thing, and Parasect was actually useful. He was my starter in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver, for everything that wasn’t an attempt at a speed run. But, more than that, a biped gator that looks like a sumo wrestler and moves like a cornerback? Yes, please!

  51. Kensho Narita

    Tyraniter, because when i first got in the Pokemon card game, my freind would show me Tryraniter Ex, and iwas so obseesed with it that he gave to me and becsme my first ex, and then in pokemon X they made the Mega which i thought was real cool

  52. Rich D

    I’ve always liked Sableye since Pokemon Emerald. I loved the gemstone eyes and the immunity to normal and fighting. Then in the TCG, Junk Hunt allowed me to bring my favorite to use there as well.

  53. Jeffrey Webb

    My favorite pokemon is Mega Blastoise EX because it can put out the Charizard’s fire!

  54. Tristen Espenscheid

    MY Favorite Pokemon is Poliwag and it’s evolutions. This was the first pokemon toy i got that eventually got me into the game and the cards. Love the little guy. Poliwrath always has to be on my team. Politoad is dead to me.

  55. Caleb Broeker

    Grovyle!! Being prosecuted as a bad guy in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as a thief trying to destroy the world, yet actually trying to save the world made him super cool!!

    One of the best Pokemon characters ever, never truly given credit… Here’s my favorite quote from the game.

  56. Renfield89

    My favorite Pokemon is Suicune. Suicune has a very majestic design & color scheme. Ken Sugimori always illustrates Suicune as peacefully reclusive, yet the Pokemon likewise exudes defiance and confidence. Most legendary Pokemon are destructive, but Suicune seeks out bodies of water to purify them. How eco-friendly! Finally, the “Calm Cune/Chesto-Rest” VG moveset of Calm Mind/Rest/Surf/Ice Beam was so satisfying to sweep my friends with when I got back into Pokemon in Emerald.

  57. Greg Barrows

    My favorite pokemon is Zekrom because he flies around in clouds and can generate lightning.

  58. James

    Oshawott because he is so darn cute!

  59. cavitnak

    blaziken because he got the most boss mega evolution

  60. Wrags23

    Kingdra because he was the first Pokemon I made a competitive deck with

  61. Michael Adam McNulty

    My favourite? Chandelure! I have 2 tattoos of him! He is my favourite because my first Pokemon I ever got was a Charmander and he was a fire type and my favourite type is ghost! So he was the best for both worlds for me!

  62. Alejandro Prado

    My favorite Pokemon is Swellow, i love his design and he is the leader of my in-game team, i love beating people with him, they never expect it 😀

  63. Brendan Duggan

    My favorite Pokemon is Magneton. It may seem a little strange now that we have Magnezone as well but for me Magneton will always be special. He was part of my team in the video game back in the days of Red/Blue version and was a solid electric type.

  64. tr3m0r_75

    my favorite pokemon is snorlax, because i like to rest a lot 😀

  65. Marcus Dodson

    It’s a tough question but I’m going to say my favorite is Typhlosion. Crystal was my first game and I started with Cyndaquil. My Typhlosion was the first Pokemon I got to level 100, so I have some fond memories of it.

  66. Caleb Cook

    greninja because i love water types and it has one of the best abilitys ever

  67. Nick Robinson

    Infernape because you doesn’t love an awesome fire fighting monkey ninja?

  68. austin5string

    I’m going to say my Meloetta EX full art for now. I just started playing Pokemon last week at the age of 45. My father just passed away, and my two nephews play the game, so I decided that I would start playing so I could play with them to try and make this past week a little easier on them. It’s been a lot of fun, and the Meloetta EX was in one of the first booster packs that I opened – they thought it was cool that I got it, and so it kind of has a special meaning to me. Plus it’s a super good looking card.

  69. Tim Melton

    I suppose my favorite Pokemon would be Umbreon, but I admit that I have trouble saying that nowadays. I’ve often played against Umbreon competitively in the video game, and it always has the same purpose: to stall out games. As such, I get very frustrated whenever I see it, somewhat diminishing its status as my favorite Pokemon.

    However, I still consider it my favorite for its cool design (both regular and Shiny). In addition, it just seems to always be around my “favorites” when it comes to Pokemon, such as its appearance in my favorite episode of the anime (“Power Play”), and it being on the pack art for my favorite TCG expansion, EX Unseen Forces.

    So yes, despite my recent faults with it, I consider Umbreon to be my favorite Pokemon. Now Game Freak just needs to add a little diversity to its movepool, and I’ll have no problem loving it again… :)

  70. Gray Nemets

    My favorite pokemon would have to be Sableye. It’s the best looking humanoid, and a ghost-animated pile of gemstones is awesome. Plus it’s had a lot of amazing cards, and it’s really quite cool in VG.

  71. Jeffrey Stout

    My favorite pokemon is Scyther. Scyther is extremely fast, can fly, and not only looks tough but can back it up with his blade arms. He has been a favorite of mine since the early days of TCG where he was a key component of the Haymaker decks.

  72. Johnathon James Garner

    my favourite will always be charizard because as a kid nothing was more awesome then a big firebreathing dragon(even though it isnt a dragon)

  73. Guest

    My favorite Pokemon is Absol. I love his design with the feline appearance and I love black and white coloring. I like his lore and how his Mega Evolution design fits into that lore.

  74. Austin Martinovich

    Mawile because its mega evolution is a steel/fairy beast and I look forward to building a deck around its card upon release.

  75. Every1XplodeNOW

    My favorite Pokemon is Absol. I love his design with the feline appearance and I love black and white coloring. I like his lore and how his Mega Evolution design fits into that lore

  76. Kpzaccount

    My favorite Pokemon is Latios. I love Latios’ design and that it is a dragon type. I remember seeing the fifth Pokemon movie and watching Latios sacrifice itself to save everyone and become the next soul dew and that really touched me.

  77. Dinell Holmes

    Dragonite! Why? Because that Pokemon is literally my childhood in one word! So awesome 😀

  78. FlareStarfire

    My original and lasting favorite pokemon is Arcanine. I’ve built a deck around him any time he’s been in the current card format, and he is the only card I ever traded for Japanese copies for in advance: Arcanine EX. I still have them, and my binder and mat are still custom decorated with Arcanine’s likeness. Many have joined the ranks of favored ‘mons, but Arcanine will always be number one. :)

  79. Kristopher Marinas

    My favorite pokemon would have to be lugia because Pokemon the Movie 2000 was my favorite movie growing up aand i still love the melody of Lugia’s song

  80. DrgnAK

    My favorite Pokemon is Zoroark because of its illusion ability. I’ve also enjoyed playing Zoroark decks in PTCG.

  81. Mikkel Lykke Kyed

    Even though I’m one of the hopeless nostalgics, when it comes to Pokémon and therefore prefer most of the original batch of Pokémon, my favourite still has to be Totodile.
    It was the first plush “teddy-bear” Pokémon I received from my childhood best friend, it was the starter I picked for the video games I consider to be the best in the Pokémon genre, Gold and Silver, and I even tried to build a deck around it with the few cards I had at the time.
    And even though a lot of great Pokémon have come out over the years I cannot stop loving Totodile for just how cute it starts out and then how terrifying and awesome it becomes, when it evolves into Feraligatr. Hopefully we will see a print of the evolution-line, it’s been quite some time since last.

  82. Alex Mejia Gonzalez

    Favorite Pokemon? Pikachu Of Course, I mean Pokemon Yellow Was The First Ever Game I played and I love that Little Yellow Rat That Much, Pikachu Was And It Still The Most Amazing Pokemon To Me, Not Only Bcus It Is The Most Popular Of The Whole Series, Pikachu Was Always A Pokemon I Always HAd To Get On Every Pokemon Game I Played Since I cant Play It Without My Little Rat. Pika Pika PIIIIIIIIIIKAAAAAAAAAAAAA-CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU lol 😛

  83. Hamdi Esahal

    My favorite pokemon is CHARIZARD! I love the character design! It’s totally awesome and cool! Match with the color and its characteristic. For me charizard design is a master piece! love the dragon creatures!

  84. John Michael Thompson

    My favorite pokemon… Blastoise. Why? He’s a giant turtle that has water cannons on his back. What’s not cool about that? Also he’s always been a competitive deck in the tcg.

  85. John Hudson

    Unberon, it’s a dog my favorite animal, and a dark type, my favorite type.

  86. Saul

    My favorite Pokémon is Electivire! It’s a cool Electric-type that looks sort of tiger-ish and has power sockets and plugs on its body, what’s not to love?!

  87. BlisseyKingFTW

    My favorite pokemon is Blissey not only because she’s a beast in the video game, buy has also had some strong cards too like Blissey Prime which could heal all damage from all of your pokemon upon being put into play!

  88. Elizabeth Prince

    My favorite pokemon is Mew. Not only because she is pink and carefree, but because in the first movie… My favorite scene when she had to fight mewtwo. Epic!

  89. Sam

    My favorite pokemon is Mew. i love him because he is cute and tiny and can fit in my pokemon. I love the idea of a small creature that loves you and follows you around.

    Another reason I love Mew is because of my best friend. His favorite pokemon is Mewtwo and it was only fit for us to become best friends. Mew is awesome :)

  90. Awesome Banana

    My favorite pokemon is Leafeon because his energy crush attack can do a lot of damage.

  91. Filippo Colamorea

    My favorite pokemon is Mewtwo because is such a badass Pokemon!

  92. Sheroak

    Jirachi, because as I grew up, the pokemon kinda followed me, like my dad would buy me as plush or custom make a T-Shirt for me

  93. Jerry Bandler

    My favorite is Lapras. He’s a cool little water dude that always has a smile on his face surfing in the ocean. He usually has some type of healing or supporting value to his other water friends! Who didn’t love hearing and wondering about Nessie growing up?

  94. Bryan Varnell

    Steelix is the best because it is a metal snake.

  95. ddbargardi

    My favorite pokemon is Tropical Beach. It is my favorite because few actually have access to it, it’s very expensive, and is essential is so many top tier decks!

  96. Ryan Vandehey

    Bellsprout. It wooped Ash in the Indigo league, until his Muk laid on top of it. Stupid Muk.

  97. Joe Wicklund

    Favorite Pokemon: Video Game – Aegislash (I love the stance change ability and how it changed the atk/def stats accordingly and the how it was both offensive and defensive with its attack, sacred sword, and its defensive move, king’s shield.) TCG – Greninja (one of my favorites in the card game as it has the unique ability Water Shuriken, which basically throws a water energy at ANY of my opponent’s pokemon.) General – there’s quite a few that I could list as “favorites”, but I have to go with the over-popular one, Pikachu 😉 Fan favorite Pikachu, for obvious reasons (TV show and movies), is the most popular pokemon and the one that stands out due to the TV show. It brought this particular little mouse to life with colorful character and personality. And what makes it one of my favorites is it fierce loyalty to its trainer. Loyalty and dedication are things that get lost in life’s day-to-day shuffle. So, Pikachu, I choose you… lol :-)

    Thanks for reading, and love ALL the articles on The Top Cut! Keep up all the hard work you guys; YOU GUYS ROCK!!

  98. TeamRocket Grunt

    Well, I have so many favorites. Porygon-z is a major favorite though, the porygon family is just so interesting. The trivia alone is great. Im also a fan of cyberpunk-so its my perfect pokemon. I worked super hard in pokemon blue to get enogh coins from the rocket game corner to get porygon that i have great memories of when i got my first porygon.

  99. Jimmy Mulligan

    My favorite Pokemon is Dragonite, because he is the original Dragon Type and a savage beast!!!

  100. Mikey Pugs

    Chespin is my favorite Pokemon. He’s just different, no other reason why really.

  101. Phil Norman

    I play the TCG thanks to my kids, and so my favorite Pokémon are Skiddo and Fennekin, because those are my kids’ personal favorites.

  102. Glen Parker

    Shaymin. The first deck I built used a land-forme shaman as it’s main attacker, load it up with grass energy and attack for moderate damage.

    1. GadgetJax

      The “Shaman” would be very pleased with your TCG tactics, haha.

  103. Isaiah Rufus

    wobbuffet is my favorite pokemon because in the show he kept it real

  104. Kyle Warner

    I know it’s cliche, but I have to say Pikachu. I started watching the show when it first aired and started playing the VG and TCG shortly thereafter. I’ve been in and out of Pokemon for over a decade now and I can’t wait to introduce my 9 mo old to Pokemon when she’s a bit older and that starts with Pikachu.

  105. Daniel Taylor

    My favorite Pokemon is Dragonite. He’s the original Dragon Pokemon, and the OG OP. He can learn a variety or attacks and used to have few weaknesses when the original games came out. He is so awesome, you don’t even get him until lv. 55. He set the standard for a lot of Pokemon such as Tyranitar, Salamance, Garchomp etc. but hes the original. Still not convinced? Watch this video and you tell me.

  106. Jacob Donnelly

    My favorite of all time is Scyther, because he is the original ninja pokem….I mean my favorite is Donphan because he was the first shiny I found back in Silver, and who doesn’t love a golden elephan…..Shinx, Shinx is defiantly my favorite because he is the cutest thing with intimidate. Okay, so my favorite it Probopass because of his sweet mustache, even if the Probopass is female, all natural is the way I like my woma…..HAWLUCHA!!!! Finally, a fighting flying type with a sweet design and a dual STAB attack, amazing! To be honest, I have no idea who is my favorite, it changes every time I play the games. But if I had to chose one, it would have to be Cubone…. Umbreon…..Rayquaza….Infernape…. Deff Scyther

    1. Jacob Donnelly

      Wait I mean Eevee

  107. Broedy Rocker

    My favorite pokemon is Entei because I love fire types and dogs when you mix it together you get Entei I love how it’s always serious. Also it was the first ultra rare card I ever pulled

  108. Blake U

    My favorite pokemon is Wooper is because he is the best pokemon and he is rainbow type.

    1. David D Cambier

      My favorite pokemon is jirachi! Reason being you can technically be granted any wish you can thing of from it. I would wish for more wishes. Lol

  109. Joey M

    Bulbasaur is the best because everybody likes charmander and squirtle so I want to be different.

  110. djtimid85

    Poliwrath would be my favorite. I’m drawn to the water types and Poliwrath is just a cool looking pokemon while being very strong. Also, it was the first holo card I pulled in the trading card game.

  111. Dale Owen

    My favorite Pokémon is Snorlax. He has been here since the beginning and is almost as iconic as Pikachu and Charizard.

  112. GadgetJax

    My favorite Pokemon is Jolteon because of it’s excellent Speed and Sp. Attack stats, allowing it to strike quickly and effectively with attacks like “Shock Wave”. The Dark Explorers print of him is also really great, thanks to it combining well with cards like Eelectrik and Victory Star Victini. I named my Jolteon “Max”, as a reference to electronical devices.

  113. Carl Scheu

    Favorite pokemon b/c he’s just such a beast, I’ve always liked him since I was a kid and he may or may not have been the main pokemon in the first movie I saw on opening day as kid.

  114. Sai Pc

    My favorite pokemon is Tyranitar(because he was monstrous on Pokemon Crater) and also cuz of his sandstorm boost AND his insanely high attacking options with DD, closely followed by Venusaur and Pikachu (mainly bcuz of pokemon blue and yellow) 😀

  115. Kameron

    Very tough choice but my favorite pokemon has always been Machamp even since I saw the first Machamp card, you know the sick looking holo from base set! It was ridiculously popular at school and whoever had one was one of the coolest kids in school. This holo was just too much for me at the time, so much toughness and brute force lol I was just getting in to working out at the time and Machamp looked like a Bodybuilder with a WWE (WWF at the time) title belt. This was just great since I was into wrestling as well. Machamp will always get the final nod to this question for me.

  116. Ian Wang

    I like Yveltal. Both regular and EX cards are super powerful plus it’s got evil phonetically in the name. Muwahahaha.

  117. Kevin TheVagabond

    Heracross. The suplex move he always did =D

  118. Daxx Marshall

    Zoroark is my favorite for sure. He can transform into anything and he looks awesome to boot! Just too cool :)

  119. Rick Bihler

    My best friend Charlie Stinson got me into TCG about 2 and a half months ago! Thanks to him I have bought some cards. I would really like to expand my collection some more so this is a great cheap opportunity! My favorite pokmon is Delphox because it’s ability allows you to keep your hand at 6 cards each turn!!!! Righteous!

  120. Matt Gundersen

    Cool idea Pooka! My favorite Pokemon is Ursaring. It’s so freakin intimidating and just has that look of a boss. I wish it could be better in the TCG though hahah

  121. cye650

    Empoleon is my favorite Pokémon. It was the first card I used in a competitive
    deck and has always been a favorite card and Pokémon ever since.

  122. James Gallegos

    Pikachu! First guy I was really attached to back when Red and Blue came out in 5th grade many moons ago… I got back into the TCG, and now I collect Pikachu cards!

  123. Josh Ghormley

    Heracross is my all time favorite. New Pokemon from Kalos has been Aegislash, just awesome attacks on the video game.

  124. Tyler Kalczuk

    My favorite is meowth. Blastoise, milotic, arcanine, meowstic F and hawlucha are close behind

  125. Jonathan Berg

    I think, in terms of the TCG at least, Ninetales is my favorite. It’s a good card with an amazing ability in bright look and a strong, if difficult to pull off, attack in Hexed Flame. Being able to deal 120 for 1 energy as a non-ex is really cool.

  126. Bo Montanye

    Cubone: Such a tragic story for a pokemon but still a tough one. I still remember the Jungle set Cubone card staring at the night sky…

  127. Chris Lionette

    My favorite is Espeon. It looks majestic and can punish opponents with powerful psychic attacks.

  128. Dave Lippincott

    Sableye. Darkrai wouldn’t have been nearly as powerful and popular without him. I love the look on my opponents face after I junk hunt for those 2 cards they hoped were discarded forever.

  129. paulzan

    I love Team Plasma Flareon. It is fun to give up a few prizes only to come back strong with Vengeance.

  130. Alvin Ng


    i first got into pkmn with gold/silver and that was my starter

    it’s pretty hard to pick though, I like a lot of pokemon

  131. Joshua Hiebert

    Gengar, because who doesn’t love to frighten children into surrendering :)

  132. Zenno Rafael Vaccarezza

    Dragonite, because was my first strong pokemon that i catch, it help me win the all stadium, and trainers.

  133. Ryan Allred

    My favorite is Lanturn because it was great in 3rd gen UU

  134. Samzilla33

    My favorite Pokemon is Machamp. Part of the reason is because back when I was around 3 or so, my brother and sister gave me some Pokemon cards to play against them. They gave me that starter deck from Base Set that could split into 2 half decks, and the main card was Machamp. I never bought packs, so along with that deck, the only cards I would get were duplicates of lame cards my siblings had, so Machamp was the only Holographic card I had for a long time. That same card sits on my desk as a decoration to this day.

    Now that I’ve aged, I still love Machamp, partly because of that memory, but also because it’s just so over the top and ridiculous. I mean, it’s basically just this totally ripped guy with 4 arms wear a speedo, who’s usually flexing. Pretty silly if you ask me. My username on is also Machamp The Champion, so I’ve become synonymous with Machamp on that site. Oh, and one last thing: the first deck I played in a tournament was a Machamp Prime/Reuniclus deck, which I obviously only made because I love Machamp, but it’s another memory I can add to my list of memories of Machamp. I actually got a Top 4 at a Cities with it, too! It was Seniors, but at the time I sure felt pretty good about it.

    Sorry for the ginormous essay of a comment. I just kept thinking of more things to add onto my list of memories with Machamp, but, there you go. Good luck to everyone in the contest!

  135. pete

    my favorite pokemon is azelf. i used it a TON in 4th gen competitive battling, before i got into the TCG. i loved how versatile it was, it could fill so many roles

  136. NinjaManeater

    My Favourite Pokemon would have to be Tornadus(T). Gen V was my favourite gen and in the version I played Tornadus was the roaming legendary. I spent hours trying to catch it with just a Pokeball. When I moved to TCGO my first ever EX was a Plasma Tornadus-T FA, I then spent all my time creating a deck around it.

  137. Guest

    My Favorite Pokemon is Darkrai and Yveltal because when I started playing pokemon when I was 8 or 9 I saw Darkrai as pokemon that was an Anti-Hero someone that looked evil and powerful but inside of him is was truly a hero, I started liking Yveltal right when he came out on TCG ad I been playing tournaments with Yveltal Ex making him special to me ( All so Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai was a good movie) :).

  138. jashandeep2000

    My favorite pokemon would be Muk because it was one of the first pokemon cards i got and it looks pretty swag tbh 😛

  139. Kevin McCarthy

    My favorite Pokemon is definitely Totodile. He was my first Pokemon when I played the original Gold version for Game Boy, and I used him to beat a majority of the Elite Four.

  140. Dan Sheikh

    For my favorite pokemon I would choose Cranidos. For me Cranidos always represented a symbol of pure willpower and hope, in the sense that it always wanted to get stronger, and that it never gave up no matter what happened. That is something I want to follow.

  141. TheFastestOne

    My Favorite Pokemon is Kyorge because Sapphire was my first game, so he was the first legendary I ever recieved. I remember going to soccer camp playing on my gameboy, getting the master ball from Team Agua’s hideout. and using it (quite stupidly) to catch kyorge.

  142. Joalexis De la Cruz

    My favorite Pokémon is Charmander. It was my very first pokemon to ever have in pokemon red and in yellow as well. I made sure to get it to level 100 first before anything else :) Also, he is awesome and cute :)

  143. Harmeet S.

    My favorite Pokemon has got to be Empoleon. I got the diamond and pearl theme deck, starring Empoleon, at my first ever Pokemon tournament during anime north. I actually won a few games with a theme deck! This was the start of my pokemon tcg collection.

  144. Infernape190

    My favorite Pokémon is Charizard because he can fly and breathes fire.

  145. Lance

    Lucario is my favourite pokemon however I’m building a deck towards Yveltal right now. Thanks for this giveaway

  146. Tony Hoang

    My favorite Pokemon is Flareon. Not because it’s an eeveelution, though. (Nor the fact that it was kind of popular as a deck.) Really, the only reason I have is because it kind of fits me. When I was little, I always thought “What Pokemon would I want to have in real life?”, and Flareon felt like something that fit my criteria: Pet like, stands out if it were in reality, and it’s even a fire type like I would want. I’d rather have a good favorite rather than a strong one.

  147. Richmond Hale

    My personal favorite is Cyndaquil. I started playing the game back with Pokemon gold, and it just stuck with my. It is a super cute starter that evolves into an awesome fire type in typhlosion, I really cant help but love the pokemon and all the amazing things about it.

  148. Derek Babine

    I’d have to say my favorite pokemon is probably gyarados. He is the ultimate antithesis of magikarp which I find hilarious and he is just too awesome. Dragon, sea creature who creates whirlpools and typhoons. Always liked gyarados in the anime. Maybe he will get a good print in the TCG again soon. LT gyarados is alright but definitely not a game-changer.

  149. Rodrigo Mateus Duarte

    My favorite Pokémon is greninja because he is a ninja , that is enough to say

  150. James Tan

    I love snorlax. His personality Always makes me laugh

  151. Nat Mathews

    My favorite is Rayquaza. Extreme Speed for the win!

  152. abdessamad hadj-sahraoui

    my favorite pokemon is rayquaza beacuse it is my favorite type and its my first card in the tgc pokemon ,this pokemon can learn my favorite attack dragon dance and draco meteor

  153. chandaman c

    My fav is rayquaza because it was one of the first pokemon i saw other than pikachu. And it a pretty awesome card. I have some others but rayquaza is my fav.

  154. Rixizu

    My favorite is Jolteon. He hits hard and is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game.

  155. abdessamad hadj-sahraoui

    my favorite pokemon is charizard beacuse can mega evolving and charmender is my 1st pokemon this pokemon its vary cute and have powerful of flame and i have all charizard card ^.^

  156. $@//

    My favorite Pokémon is Lucario. Lucario is one of the only Steel/Fighting types, and has a really cool looking Mega Evolution. I remember when playing through Pokémon Diamond version, I would play through the cave with Riley, and go all the way back to Canalave City to put a Pokémon in the bow to have room for the Riolu egg because I wanted it that bad. I loved it when I found out you could catch Riolu in Black 2/White 2. Lucario is awesome all around.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Congratulations, you’re one of our winners! Please contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or email to claim your prize!

  157. U-gi Tsab

    My favorite pokemon is Swampert because it was my first pokemon I chose when I started to play pokemon in pokemon ruby and sapphire I so gald that they remake omega ruby and alpha sapphire with my favoirte pokemon as starter again :).

  158. Davis Hamilton

    My favorite Pokemon is Kyogre. Pokemon Sapphire was probably my favorite Pokemon game due to the linking capabilities with Pokemon Colosseum, which was awesome! He was also on my team to link up and battle my brother on Colosseum after school, and it was just a great time of life!

  159. Joey Mikula

    My favorite pokemon has always been mew he’s always been shadowed in mystery and you can’t have a mewtwo without a mew.

  160. Guest

    Escavalier, he’s never failed me in matches in the video games.

  161. Kenny Dunton

    Ive been playing/watching Pokemon since I was 5 and had a gbc with red version. I’m 20 going on 21 now, and my red version is my prized childhood possession. Ever since I started pokemon my all time favorite pokemon has been Gengar. When I first found mystery ghosts in silph co as a child I had no idea what was going on, then when I got a silph scope and was able to discover gastly I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Then I caught my 1st ghastly and trained it to a haunter. It was only after I beat the elite four did I have a friend tell me that haunter could evolve by trading… My heart stopped. I traded with my friend as fast as I could and stared in amazement that the haunter I so loved had a final form. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw and then I went on to farm the pokemon league 20 more times with my new best friend. This adorement for gengar only grew when the episode “Tower of Terror” aired in America and I saw Ash and his friends encounter my favorite ghost trio. Not only that but later on when Ash dies in the episode and his ghost is playing with Gengar and the crew they have the time of their life. I’ve always wanted a friend like Gengar and I’m proud to say that he has been good to me for the past 15 years. Thank you for the fond memories.

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      Congratulations, you’re one of our winners! Please contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or email to claim your prize!

  162. Joshua Janes

    My favorite Pokemon is Charizard and it has been since I first saw the episode were Charmeleon faces off with Aerodactyl. Ever since then he has always been the top Pokemon for me. He was my starter in the original Red version and my first choice when they offer you the original starters in X&Y. He is a dragon which is awesome and is now my sons favorite Pokemon as well. Every time I go to play my X version on my 3DS my son always has me use my Charizard.

  163. David Zvi Kadish

    My favorite pokemon is sceptile because its the first starter i got in the first pokemon game that i understood how to play (emerald).

  164. Nicholas Segreto

    My favorite Pokemon is Feraligatr. It was the first Pokemon I fully leveled up to 100 in my original Gold Version, before the battery died. I always get one in whatever new game I play

  165. Dylan Wall

    Yveltal because evil ball. Nuff said.

  166. Sam Pahnisch

    Scraggy! He has a really cool design and sprite! I also like to head-butt things and scraggy seems to be the head-butt master 😛

  167. Chris

    We were all super excited following Pokemon during our childhood years. My friends and I were all for Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow games in 3rd grade, and we’d theorize endlessly about obscure ways of catching the illusory 151st Pokemon: Mew. We’d follow the show as well, and would crazily memorize the Poke RAPs. ALL OF THEM! just when we thought we knew all Pokemon available, we saw the Aerodactyl episode in which Ash finds a Pokemon egg. This was unheard of back then! We fervently watched every subsequent episode with the hopes of finding out what Pokemon was inside that egg. Then it happened. TOGEPI hatched out of the egg!!! It would forever confirm to me and my friends that Pokemon was far from over. It was another evidence that would piece Ho-Oh’s appearance with the fact that there were more continents and more battles ahead of Ash!

    Togepi is my favorite pokemon!

  168. n0tSafe

    My favourite has always been Charmander, since I chose him as my first starter in Pokémon Blue (I was 9 years old, now I’m 24). From that day on I’ve always chosen a fire type as my starter, but I’ve never liked anyone as much as this lovely “Salamander”.

  169. Zack Cochran

    My favorite is probably Emolga. The FA and EX cards have such nice artwork. It is annoying as hell though in the video games, that is no lie lol.

  170. Danny Wishcas

    my favorite pokemon is Metagross, that looks cool at its so powerful and in the game my favoritre character have one

  171. Sean Vu

    For the TCG game It has to be Charizard. I mean I saw this show when it was new and the game just starting. And i saw the Charizard card in a lot of binders. I always wanted one and now I do and I now use it in the deck I saw on here! It’s my first real pokemon deck ever. The Charizard EX. I mean I collected the cards but never really played when I was a kid, but now i do!

  172. Louis Javan

    My favorite pokemon is Zekrom. I got a Zekrom EX tin for my birthday and I immediately stuck. Zekrom has been my favorite pokemon since.

  173. Brandon Jones

    My favorite pokemon is Gardevoir because I used it in my deck for worlds in 2010 and i enjoyed playing it the most out of all formats i’ve played in.

  174. Heather Murphy

    I bet you can’t say “Furfrou” five times real fast. I started playing with my son a few months ago and it was with this dog-like pokemon that i won my first battle. What’s not to like about him? He’s part poodle,part pokemon and he’s all attitude!! I’d play Furfrou with a hard charm before i played an EX, hahahaha. Besides, there’s nothing like seeing your opponent roll his eyes when you flip heads and discard their energy :)

  175. Birdmustfeed

    Gengar is my favorite! He is strong, fast, mysterious, has always had cool art on the cards, has cool background, is my favorite color and favorite type, and I absolutely cannot wait for him to come back in the cards! (as well as see what they do for his mega!)

  176. Vince Mortel

    My love for Inkay started when i got my first theme deck I ever purchased, Destruction Rush. To this day, whenever I play Inkay I end up shouting…
    “Don’t let me down Inkay!”
    “You can dooooo it InnnKaYYYY”
    I know this sounds a bit crazy but I do it because I just love saying Inkay. It is just a fun word to say. Even though he looks more like a mushroom then a jellyfish he is still CUTE. And cute in my book is an instant win.

  177. David Rogers

    My favourite pokemon is probably Ariados because although it is not well known (you might have to look it up) and, to my knowledge, has never been competitive, its design is awesome. Also, it was the first rare I ever obtained in my first pack. see:

  178. Doug Barnack

    My favorite pokemon is Elekid. In the TCG he never needed any energy and always went back to sleep after he attacked and just annoyed the crap out of my opponents. Elekid served me well back in the day.

  179. Brandon Fitzpatrick

    Mew. He is one of the hardest pokemon to get. He can learn any move he is not way over powered he is cute and fun to use. Just so many things I can say about this little guy.

  180. Kaleb Higdon

    My favorite Pokemon is Gengar because he is the original Ghost Pokemon. He is also dual typed with poison which doesn’t hurt his cool factor. Then you top the fact I didn’t have a trade cable back in the day and you had to trade to get him and you have my favorite used to be unattainable Pokemon

  181. Grant Keith

    My favorite pokemon is greninja because he is lightning fast and a total boss

  182. Rori Maracle

    My favorite pokemon is Pikachu. Yes, I know this most people favorite pokemon and the pokemon logo. But to me Pikachu means much more. When I was a kid growing up my brother and I loved Pokemon. He was into Pokemon before me since he is 4 years older. When he was 3 are family got a dog. He named her Pikachu since that was his favorite pokemon. When I was born I meet are dog Pikachu for a the first time and I feel in love with her and the Pikachu in the games. I collected stuffies, posters, anything with Pikachu on them. My dog Pikachu passed away recentily, but thanks to pokemon I can always see her and she is always in my heart.

  183. Thomasius :3

    My favorite Pokémon is Yveltal, because I played Pokémon Y all the way through, and he is the first EX Pokémon I have ever pulled, and he is in my current deck (Yveltal/Darkrai).

  184. Bill Breslin

    My favorite Pokemon is Garbodor, because he is just a big pile of trash that can wreak havoc.

  185. Matt Haight

    My favorite Pokemon is Garchomp, not just because dragon types are almost always awesome, not just because he’s so strong in the TCG and VGC, but also because… nobody knows what he even is! Pick him apart, he’s a dragon/ground type, yet he can fly like a plane… at mach speed, is shaped like a missile, has shark fins and facial features, his cry is a high pitched growl-whine, and he evolves from cave dwelling dragon whelps… Not to mention there’s nothing but confusion over what his name is actually derived from in the first place (where the G-A-R comes from). Seriously, forget Unown or Mew, Garchomp is the most enigmatic Pokemon.

  186. spacefish3

    My favorite Pokémon is Flygon. The reason I like Flygon is it was the first Pokémon I saw that made me say “Wow. This is really an amazing game!” It also is in one of my 2 favorite decks in the format (Flygon/Donphan/Dusknoir and Kingdra/Greninja) because it is so fun to play!

  187. Militree

    It’s Sableye by far! I was a typical “genwunner” for a long time. I played RBY, but didn’t play anything until Black 2. I wasn’t too into it – too many Pokemon I didn’t recognize. But my wife pulled my arm to play the card game, and I ended up loving it. My favorite card ended being Dark Explorers Sableye, and since then he’s been my favorite. XY made me love the game, and he ended up being the anchor for both my card deck and VGC team! Now I love the new gen Pokemon even more.

  188. Andy Johnson

    Charmander has been my favorite since the original cartoon series started.

  189. KueKas

    My all time favourite Pokémon is Snorlax.

  190. Zander Tidwell

    Blastoise because when I first played pokemon red, I meant to choose charmander and ended up making the best accident. Squirtle was the pokemon that started it all and I can’t thank him enough for it. Plus a giant turtle with water cannons is already pretty awesome.

  191. Jack Kolbert

    Dusknoir as this was the Pokemon my Stormfront deck was based upon for my 1st placement in a premier event NJ State, 4th place).

  192. Dylan

    Keldeo because it was the first pokemon EX i ever pulled in a deck and I play with my Keldeo / Blastoise deck a lot

  193. Drake Eckard

    Meowth – I screw everything up just like him! I commonly lose things, and make fun of it! Would love to finally have some good cards and love your articles! Thank you! Bye! ~Drake Eckard

  194. Kelly Day

    My favorite Pokemon is Venesuar, I love flowers and hes a big tough monster. I think he’s really cool!

  195. Rob Wood

    Me and my friend recently started playing Pokemon TCG Online. I’m really enjoying this game – I’ve never gotten into it before, even though I was a kid when Pokemon first came out! Currently, my favourite Pokemon is Ferrothorn. I am currently working on breeding a particularly tough Ferrothorn for battling in Pokemon X.

  196. Austin Chen

    Rayquaza EX, because of Dragon Burst. But I’m pretty sure it will get rotated out

  197. Tony D

    Darkrai because it always has the craziest attacks.

  198. Johnny Jackson

    My favorite character has been Charizard for the past 17 years. He has been my my favorite because not only is he a dragon but he is also a fire type. Fire type has been my favorite type too. Charizard has the reputation as a strong Pokemon. I wanted to be strong like Charizard. I had Charizard shoes when I was 5, as well as a shirt and even bed sheets. When ash battles Blane with Charizard I was so excited and bought the episode on vhs. Pokemon red was my favorite game and charmander was my starter. My friends would get mad at me because my Charizard would be the only Pokemon that I would train and no one could beat him. Charizards Fire burns in my heart forever and he will always be my favorite . Charizard fan for life :)

  199. Charles Scott-Spain

    Farfetched is my favorite. I’m not sure why. He just seemed intriguing.

  200. Pleezy

    I like dragonite because I imagine it would be so much fun to ride one!

  201. Ruben Gouveia

    The My favourite pokemon is greninja.why?omg its a ninja and it has the stock will round neck!!!ok il say it.

  202. Ruben Gouveia

    Sorri guys im from Portugal so i give up

  203. Matthew Neill Sheppard

    Gengar! Because ever since I saw the original series cartoons and Gengar battled Alakazam I was just memorized! Epic! Also Gengar is crazy, like me! In a good way of course, lol.

  204. SuperMeatBoy

    My favourite Pokemon is Oshawott because he is cute. Also because of his attitude in the anime.

  205. elliot

    Klinklang is my favorite pokemon. Klinklang/Cobalion EX got me my first top cut ever at my first regionals ever last year in MA. It also got me into top cut at Nationals last year, again my first Nationals.
    While he somewhat lacks VG-wise, TCG-wise will show the deck as a real contender in the BW-on format.

  206. Victoria Gonzalez

    Kyogre because the patter circle of red is so cool and awesome

  207. Pokedad68

    I got started with HGSS playing with my son and my favorite pokemon has been Steelix. I just liked the Metal type and it’s attack..

  208. Tyler Brose

    I would like to enter! My favorite pokemon are Mew and Absol. Absol always had this wierd charm to me that I felt like it was really connected to humans in the Anime, and Mew because it’s too cute. -w-

  209. Jeff Davis

    My favorite pokemon is Eevee because it has so many evolution options

  210. Neil Maynes

    Pikachu is my favorite Pokémon. He was my main back in Yellow, and has always been my favorite. He’s loyal, brave and would make a good companion.

  211. Alex Kappel

    My favorite Pok?mon is Cyndaquil. The first time I played pok?mon was when my parents bought me a game boy and pokemon crystal for Christmas when I was little and my first pokemon was Cyndaquil. The grass starters are usually my first choice but Cyndaquil is always the exception to that rule. Cyndaquil was my first ever pokemon and I always thought Cyndaquil had the perfect balance between being cool and adorable and it’s really powerful when it evolves. Typhlosion.

  212. Isaac Salazar

    My favorite Pokemon has and always will be Mew because it knows EVER single move! Plus it’s adorable and can hold it’s own against Mewtwo! Need I mention it’s a Legendary which goes to show you that size isn’t everything!:)

  213. Maximiliano Colombo

    Swampert because…. is my favourite starter and he is too tanky :)

  214. Jared

    I favorite would probably have to be Scizor, for the reason of, I’ve always had a fascination with him since I was a young child.

  215. Ricky Boss

    Favorite pokemon? Lugia. Tank in the video games, destroyer in the tcg, and just all around awesome. Always been my favorite.

  216. S Aggarwal

    My favorite Pokemon is Shiftry because, first of all, I love gen 3. And shiftry is a combination of dark and grass, dark types are awesome and have an evil vibe and grass is all about nature which I love. I can go on and on about why I love Shiftry but we dont have all day to read this comment LOL.

  217. Austin Luehring

    My favorite Pokémon would have to be Zapdos. First legendary Pokémon I ever found. First and last legendary Pokémon I accidently knocked out without saving beforehand.

  218. Derrick Krenke

    My favorite Pokemon has always been Snorlax. It just has been since I was a kid. No real reason at all. As a kid though, #143 was the Pokemon for me.

  219. Blah

    My favorite Pokémon would have to be Accelgor (despite the fact that I hate the card with a passion). It was the first Pokémon I ever used when trying out the competitive aspect of the Pokémon video games, which was what led me to start playing TCG.

    Also, it’s a bug that’s a ninja. What else could one want?

  220. OtakuLyfe

    My fav Pokemon is Celebi/Jirachi. They are decent tanks in the videogame, Jirachi has a good ability in the TCG, and they are cute :3

  221. ribboninthewind

    Genesect because G Booster.

  222. Baljet

    My favorite pokemon is Lucario, because i just love everything about him, the design, the awesome fighting steel type, how unpredictably cool he is you dont know what to expect from him every time, even the colors he has, he is so cool he even shows up in smash bros. he is just the best.

  223. ethan

    My favorite pokemon is Zoroark. They have caring nature for their own kind, have wicked cool and fun illusion powers, and have a really cool humanoid look with a wicked hair style

  224. Gary Wang

    Bidoof. He made my first game with my daughter ever memorable as we played two junk half-decks in our inaugural game. Bidoof loafed around with one energy on him as my daughter pinged him down 10 hp at a time for her third and winning prize.

  225. EarljHickey

    When I feel a bit tired or a down my son Damien comes next to me and say or scream SWABLUUUUUU!!!!! We love swablu.

  226. Karen Azparrent

    Sigilyph!!! Because Safeguard. First time I was able to beat an EX. It was beautiful.

  227. Nathan Todd Bambi Durland

    Eevee is definitely one of my favs! Including all his/her eeveelutions! Such a wonderful concept for a Pokemon having so many different options all starting form one!

  228. Will Diaz

    Lugia cuz he is a monster tank & I loved him in the second movie

  229. SupremeTri-Mage

    Gengar for the video game because I used to love him in Pokemon Stadium 1/2 and Lugia in the TCG because Overflow is an amazing ability.

  230. Jacob Ruscetta

    Darmanitan, just love the look of it, and a poke thats always on my teams

  231. junggi

    Wailord! best pokemon. squashes anything in sight

  232. Yediya Juan

    my favorite Pokemon as a whole would be Garchomp, simply because I have this favor toward Dragon types and how Garchomp has the characteristics of speed + high damage. feels like a Dragon type agile assassin that should be awesome in battles.. 😛

    in terms of TCG however, I’d go with Plasma Lugia EX, I really favor its overflow ability for the awesome feeling you’d get when plasma gale knocks out an EX and gives you 3 sudden Prize.

    cheers and good luck for everyone!

  233. Doryon

    Charizard, because it was my first. They can make 718 more Pokémon and I’ll gladly catch them all, but none of them will ever be my first again!

  234. Joshua Harvley

    Porygon is my favorite pokemon! Such a hated pokemon everyone thinks he’s a murderer but he clearly has a heart of gold. When I was a kid I would look at my computer screen and hope he came out but sadly it never happened. I spent about 40 hour ls earning enough coins to win him in pokemon red at the slot machine. I finally got him and my life was complete. Even after falling away from pokemon growing up he was still apart of my everyday life in fact my gamer tag for xbox is PorygonBeatdown bc well who doesn’t want to be beat down by a pink pokemon. Regardless he’s def. My favorite and will dedicate my support to this pokemon by placing him on my skin with a tat. ( when I’m not broke)

    Clearly dropped my heart here guys…………

  235. Christopher Burris

    Blastoise-EX and Mega Blastoise-EX. just my favorite in the whole franchise to begin with, plus love the damage, and add a protect cube to account for bad coin flips.

  236. Vincent Burke

    My favorite Pokemon is Venusaur, when I was 7 or 8 I got pokemon blue for Christmas and my first starter was bulbasaur and I beat the game with my Venusaur, it was the first video game I ever beat.

  237. EarljHickey


  238. Andrew Smith

    My favorite pokemon has to be Tyranitar ! Ever since it came out in the VG ive always played it. For someone like me who didn’t want the meta legendary pokemon in my lists it was the OP Tyranitar!! I have been playing the TCG since dragons exalted and have missed him soo much. Im hoping that one day it comes back in play.

  239. masterxneo

    masterxneo user name. my favorite pokemon is rayqwaza cuz wen i was yunger i drew things like that every day

  240. Tony Truong

    Charizard of course got to stick to the old school baddies!

  241. Guest

    my favorite pokemon has always been the derpy porygon!

  242. Roarchomp

    My favorite pokemon is Victini! I love how small and cute but AWESOMELY powerful it is!

  243. Michael Blais

    Snivy, because no matter how many my son opens he still gets excited about them.

  244. paulzan

    Who won the tins??

  245. bob filie

    my favorite pokemon is darkrai

  246. Tony Santos

    My favorite Pokemon is Blastoise because everyone “loves” Charizard and Blastoise, and Mega Blastoise has a epic giant cannon on his back.

  247. Rebecca Berf

    I would LOVE to win one please?

  248. Christina Elizabeth Neese

    When I was a kid back in 1995, my pokemon that have got me started was pikachu :) I have been playing with pikachu ever since and now even in my deck. That is who is my favorite pokemon :)

  249. PhantomX

    Celebi has been my favourite for as long as I can remember, so cute.

  250. ZigTheGreat

    My favorite pokemon is Espurr because though in the games he can seem terrifying, in the anime he is really adorable and really cute.

  251. Reese Oxner

    I love Pokemon because it is a game and franchise I have enjoyed through childhood and am continuing to enjoy today.

  252. Matthew Lee

    My favourite Pokémon is Mudkip, because he is the first Pokemon I ever used in Ruby. He’s also pretty cute.

  253. elia antonio

    I like mega gengar,mew ex because they could copy pokemon moves

  254. Rukario Nite

    My favorite Pokémon is Lucario.


    1. Was a legendary hero in the movie.

    2. Partnered up with a legendary hero.

    3. Has the power of aura

    3A. Aura Can enable the user to use telepathy and mind reading

    3B. TIME FLOWERS (Basically allows you to look into the past[Like Time traveling])

    3C. It can potentially save lives with aura barriers

    4. According to a Kalos legend, the first Pokémon to have been Mega Evolved was a Lucario

    5. First EX card I pulled that was in a pack.

    6. Without this Pokémon I would have quit pokemon by now!


  255. Will Zekus

    By far my favorite pokemon is Pikachu…..I’m still waiting for the day they release Pikachu EX

  256. Podski

    i’m english so i’m excluded from the competition but my favourite pokemon is Klefki largely because of prankster but also because of its ridiculous typing i have used it in uber teams and it has been the star performer

  257. Samuel Michnik

    my favorite pokemon is kingdra because of the fact that it is my favorite pokemon card ever.

  258. Zachary Siddiq

    I just wanted to remind everyone that this contest is LONG over. I still see comments of people entering this giveaway.

  259. Mud kip

    Cute and good to battle with. Love them all

  260. Bob

    What is the yvetal Pokemon tin called?