The Top Cut Pokesmash!!

We are hosting a tournament on June 21 in California, Maryland.  We had a great event last year and we are looking to run this again.  This is a pre-nationals warm up tournament, so this is your chance to see how the metagame for nationals will look like.  This event will be streamed by Michael Pramawat and Ben Potter.  There will be two tournaments; one for juniors and seniors, and the other for masters.  A special thanks to High Tides Games for supporting pokemon and running this event.

The prize payout for each tournament will be:

1st place : One Box
2nd place : 18 packs
3rd/4th : 12 packs
5th-8th : 8 packs

Here is the tournament info:

Registration Time : 11:00am
Start Time : Noon
Entry Fee : $15.00
Location : High Tide Games. 22599 Macarthur Blvd Suite 374, California MD 20619

If you have any questions about the event please contact the store.

17 responses to “The Top Cut Pokesmash!!”

  1. Navid Jannati

    Can’t wait to play! Dusting off my Raticates as we speak.

  2. Zachary Siddiq

    Aww man! I’d love to go, but it just looks way to far of a drive. Any chance you’ll be doing something similar at Nationals?

  3. Joe Wenneman

    Pyroar is mean.

    Crazy good list by Steven though. Well earned.

    1. FlareStarfire

      Didn’t get to see it :(

      1. Joe Wenneman

        Word to the wise: Pyroar loves fried Genesect.

        1. FlareStarfire

          Whoa. I guess enough people thought “No fire coming, VirGen is ok…” so yep…..

          1. Joe Wenneman

            Exactly what I did. Was still a good play, but ran into a buzzsaw in the top 4. Managed to dodge him somehow in swiss.

    2. Rock

      The deck was Matt’s

      1. Joe Wenneman

        Matt who?

        1. Rock

          Matt Hall

  4. Dom

    So what did top 8 look like. What about the field as a whole? How many people were there?

    1. Rock

      About a 30 player event. The top 8 was
      *2 Pyroar/Charizard
      2 VG
      1 Yveltal/Garb
      1 Plasma
      1 Mega-Khangaskan/Fairy
      1 ??? [Either VG or Yveltal]

      1. Dom

        Thanks soo much.

  5. Michael Sellars

    no one remembers me. the other guy in the finals. the one that played virizion genesect roserade victini, Michael Sellars. Why does steven get all the spot light. There are other players that were there with amazing lists as well. since pyroar did well in this tournament, expect a lot more pyroar counters at nationals.

    1. sevans

      Michael is right. There were a lot of good decks and unknown players doing well. Check out the videos on and search for pokesmash. Watch all the way through.

  6. Joe

    Does anyone have a pyroar counter for my victini EX/ landorus EX/ tornadus EX/ Mewtwo Ex/ garbodor deck. Even though I run garb it is only 2-2

    1. Mr_Bond

      Add more catcher abilities, either trainers or even Ninetales, who benefits from the fire energy you’re running. Catching adds flexibility because you can either call up Pyroar while powers are off, or work around it when powers are on.