Commentators for Nationals and Worlds Announced!

evan scott

The wait is over! Here are the commentators for this year’s Pokémon US National and World Championships!

Trading Card Game

  • Dylan “ExoByte” Mayo
  • Josh “JWittz” Wittenkeller
  • Josue “Crimz” Rojano
  • Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich

Video Game Championships

  • Evan “plaid” Latt
  • Scott Glaza
  • Duy Ha
  • Justin Flynn

Be sure to tune in to the streams to watch the US National and World Championships live! US Nationals will be streamed on July 5-6, and Worlds will be streamed on August 16-17. You can watch all of the action over at Pokémon’s Twitch page. Also use the hashtag #PlayPokemon on Twitter to talk about the events! Let’s spread the word to make this year’s tournaments bigger and better than ever!

Here at The Top Cut, we’re proud to say that two of our members will be on the commentary team – Josue “Crimz” Rojano and Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich! Thanks to your support, they will have the opportunity to be the voices for the two biggest tournaments of the year.

You can check out the other commentators at these links.

Nugget Bridge:
Justin Flynn:

16 responses to “Commentators for Nationals and Worlds Announced!”

  1. Héctor Saavedra

    Congratulations Pooka!

  2. C-Dub

    YAAAAAYYYYYYYYY. Congrats Kyle! You earned it. I am looking forward to hearing your commentary.

    Please write up a report on this experience after worlds is over. I think we would all like to know what its like to have this experience and what you learned.

  3. ack!

    Yay! Congrats guys!

  4. GAGS

    No more dark spear for the knock out!

  5. manukeriemis

    congrattttzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!=D

  6. Zachary Siddiq

    Grat job Guys! Hope to see you at Nationals!

  7. SheepinSpace

    Congratulations Pooka! I know you really wanted this and you deserved it. I’m glad for you.
    On a side note, how does that work when a commentator also has to play?

    1. Matt Blower

      they don’t play in the tourney

      1. SheepinSpace

        That’s too bad :-(
        Still, it’s what Pooka wanted, so I’m glad for him anyway.
        Thanks for your answer.

  8. Dom

    Honestly Kyle I got to say I’m a little disappointed…You won’t be able to make another great tournament run at Nationals or win Worlds.

  9. Jason K

    Congratulations! Now the entire world can appreciate your knowledge of the game and commentary to go w/ the action!

  10. PrinceLaharl

    Congratulations Kyle! You definitely deserve it! I look forward to watching the stream =D

  11. Chris Collins

    I’m so ready for Keldeo to use blizzard burn again!! It’s been a year!!

  12. Jesper Eriksen

    GAGS dylan ”exobyte” mayo will still dark spear you to the death!!!

  13. Aidan II


  14. SheepinSpace

    Hey Kyle! Very good job on the commentary! I particularly enjoyed the top 4 match between Brandon Salazar and Isaiah Williams. One thing though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Brandon’s deck should not have very good matchups against TDK and VirGen, which were foreseen as two big contenders in the meta. I didn’t hear any comment or question about it in the commentary or interviews (which were not handled by you though). Anyway, congrats again, looking forward to Worlds!
    PS I think teaming you with JWittz was a great choice, you did very well together! Plus, as a non native English speaker, I find Crim’s lightning fast speech to be rather difficult to catch at times.