2014 Top Cut Invitational Competitors Announced!

Every year we invite eight of the game’s best and brightest players to participate in our Top Cut Invitational. We’re excited to announce that we will be keeping the tradition alive! Here are the competitors for this year’s event.

  • Ryan Sabelhaus
  • Jason Klaczynski
  • Brandon Salazar
  • Lex D’Andrea
  • Tsuguyoshi Yamato
  • Sami Sekkoum
  • Ross Cawthon
  • Takuya Yoneda

We have a great mix of old champions, new champions, and rising stars. Surely this will be an exciting tournament! The 2014 TCI will take place in the open gaming room at the World Championships on Sunday, August 17th at approximately 7:30 PM EST. We are planning on streaming the tournament live on our Twitch TV page, so be sure to tune in. More details will be coming soon!

7 responses to “2014 Top Cut Invitational Competitors Announced!”

  1. Andrew Mann

    What is the format?

    1. Kyle Sucevich

      The format will be the same as Worlds, Next Destinies through Flashfire.

  2. HF

    Wow. nice to see kids like lex making it in. i play with him at league, he is good.

  3. C-Dub

    An idea for the future TCI:

    Invite a female player. Make it a mandatory requirement every year of having at least 1. Why not? There seems to be good female players that go far in tournaments. If TTC’s mission is to promote the game, then females should be included. I realize this is a “best of the best” type of tournament and its exclusive to 8 players…but think about what having a female player promoted will do for TTC or the game in general.

    I’m a male btw in case anyone is wondering.

    1. Alec Smith

      If a female is one of the best players out there, then she absolutely should be considered. But having diversity just for the sake of having diversity is unfair to the players who actually work hard and do well.

      1. C-Dub

        But this is an invite-only tournament. How do we define the “best” players with this being the case? Am I missing the part where players are chosen for the TCI strictly based on their CP points for the season? I feel like using “the best players” as the criteria for an invite is purely subjective. Because of that, I think its only fair to invite “the best” female player.

    2. Rax E. Dillon

      Given that the invitations are in part based on factors like “rising stardom” and popularity, considering gender when selecting players could be a good idea. It would certainly be awesome to see players who aren’t male do well in an event like this. A quota doesn’t seem appropriate to me, though. I don’t think it would serve the event, the audience, or the player chosen if they would not even have been on the candidate list without this requirement. If there were such players on the candidate list already, though, a bump upwards in consideration might be appropriate. There are a couple of players I think are one major tournament finish away from consideration; your mileage may vary.

      (For what it’s worth, it’s weird and often uncomfortable to be “the person picked because they’re not male.” I wouldn’t be shocked if some players would refuse such an invitation.)